How to Buy Unique Paw Patrol Gifts & Save @ JCPenney

How to Buy Unique Paw Patrol Gifts & Save @ JCPenney

My friend asked me to find some unique Paw Patrol toys for her niece. I suggested looking toward JCPenney, where I know the product selection varies from what we have here in Canada.

I feel like we hit the jackpot here with the Paw Patrol stock at JCPenney!

Make sure you enter code TOSAVE38 to receive whatever discounts you can! On sale items you may save as much as 20% off clearance/sale prices or 40% off regular prices when you spend $40 or more. Exceptions apply, so add the code to the cart to see!

There's a slight catch with shipping when ordering from JCPenney. Orders under $100 USD can be somewhat pricey overall due to shipping costs incurred. The way around it is to spend over $100 USD after all discounts from the above coupon code have been applied, to be charged the flat rate shipping fee of $9.95 USD. You can check out in CAD currency. Additionally, you'll see fees for import applied during checkout so there's no additional fees at your door when it arrives.

Here are a few Paw Patrol items I noticed that will make great gifts:

As an example, because I want to spend over $100 USD to get the $9.95 flat rate shipping after discounts are applied, I've put several of the above items in my cart.

Everything in bold font (5 items) in the above links, I've added to my cart. I applied the code above for additional discounts and am receiving the $9.95 USD flat rate shipping fee since I'm spending over $100 USD.

My grand total on 5 items in my cart, shipped, including all import fees is showing as $113.41 CAD, or, $22.68 per item. The regular price on those 5 items is $235.89 CAD not including shipping or import fees, so you're saving 52% total off of the regular price, even with shipping and import fees taken into consideration.

It looks like it will be a Paw Patrol Christmas after all!


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  • Momma2AG

    WOW! I got really excited and found so many great deals, until the conversion to CAD kicked in and nearly doubled the price :( looks like I need a trip to the US lol

    • Eryn

      Thanks for your comments, Momma2AG! If you are not initially seeing the currency as CAD, you can click on the upper right hand side of the page, and make sure you see a Canadian flag. If not, click on the flag and select. Also be sure to select by clicking on the flag, and ensuring that preferred currency is set to CAD. Either way, the conversions can be tough to see though, we hear you on that one! In the cart I selected, there is a Paw Patrol backpack, jacket, piggy (doggy?) bank, and 2 winter hat and mitts set, for $113.41, shipped and including shipping and import fees. It averages out to $22.68 per item and you save over 52%. Some of the items didn't ship to Canada, and that was difficult to see! Did you see the Skye pendant, too? That was the one that didn't ship to Canada. :(

      • Sheryl F.

        Don't see where they ship to Canada

        • Eryn

          Hi Sheryl F., On the upper right hand side of the webpage first link in this post, you will see a 'ship to' and you can select Canada. During checkout you will be able to input your Canadian address.