How do you rejuvenate?

How do you rejuvenate?

Sometimes it feels like I’m running on a hamster wheel. I’ve got so much to do, but as productive as I might be, my list only seems to get longer!

That’s why when I was invited to go “glamping” at a new wilderness retreat outside Toronto called Whispering Springs, I jumped at the chance.

Apparently, “glamping” is a more comfortable wilderness experience than traditional camping but it still allows you to enjoy the great outdoors and connect with nature.

Despite the hot spell we’ve been having, nothing makes me happier than being outdoors. It’s soothing yet reinvigorating at the same time. We’re going to swim, hike and roast marshmallows. We’ll cook dinner on an open fire, then spend the night in the tent. My fiancé and I are going together—at this resort, there are no kids allowed.

I’m hoping it will be just the break I need to return home and get back on my hamster wheel.

Are you feeling stressed? What do you do when you need a break? Tell me how you rejuvenate.


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  • mattyc

    I don't mean to be rude in any way or offensive (sorry if this is), but how come an article on rejuvenation is being posted on a shopping community site? Isn't this site designed to be a money-saving community for people to share deals and coupons ? It's just seemed strange when you come on the site for the purpose of finding a good deal and then see random articles like this that don't relate to any sort of bargains. Again, don't mean to offend the author or site, I'm just more curious. 

    • HeatherR

      That's what I like about this site that makes it different from other sites.  It's a bargain site geared towards moms and dads which also has articles that can be interesting for parents.  I think when someone is a true writer, it would drive them crazy to only post bargain deals. They would feel a bit limited. Writing articles gives them freedom to express themselves and reach out to other parents to gain opinions, start a conversation and make this a more interesting community.