Homemade Halloween Decorations On The Cheap! (Part 1)

Homemade Halloween Decorations On The Cheap! (Part 1)


It is that time of year again, time for my home decor to look normal because Halloween is just around the corner. My friends and family will no longer question my home-made sugar skull and other freaky decorations. There are so many super cool Halloween decorations, I don't even know where to get started. How about we start with frugal homemade Halloween decorations that will be fun for you and the kids. That sounds like the perfect place to start! Some of these decorations are super artsy, and some will be quick and fun for you and your kiddos to tackle on a rainy afternoon. Either way, they are all fun for both adults and kids.

So let's get started.


Creepy Glowing Eyes

Talk about frugal! All you are going to need for this little DIY Halloween decoration is toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls, scissors and glow sticks. You can cut out funky eye shapes into the toilet paper roll, stick a glow stick inside and secure it with some Duct Tape or other quality tape to make sure it stays put. You will also want to cover either end of the roll with the tape as well so the glow doesn't come out the sides. Then you can take your creation and stick them in the bushes or trees to creep out the trick-or-treaters and neighbours for Halloween.


Reusable Bloody Hand Print Sticky

This one looks so real that it is gross. To add a good scare effect to your home decor or haunted garage, why not stick some of these bloody hand prints to your windows or walls? For fun you could even stick them to the inside of your car windows ;). To make these you are going to need Elmer's Glue, red food colouring, blue food colouring, plastic wrap, waxed paper, a cutting board, tape, and latex gloves. You can most likely snag most of this from the dollar store. You can always ditch the gloves and use your real hands instead, but be prepared for slight staining of the skin.

Step one: Wrap the cutting board in plastic wrap. Secure the wrap with tape on the back side of your cutting board.

Step two: Pour an ounce of glue into a small bowl. Add a single drop of blue food colouring, and stir well. Once the solution is all a constant colour you can start adding red food colouring one drop at a time until the mixture gets to be a slight shade lighter than you want it to finish like. As it dries it will become darker and translucent.

Step three: Put your gloves on, or don't. Then cover the base of your palm in plain old Elmer's glue and press your glue covered hand onto your plastic wrapped cutting board.

Step four: Apply the fake blood coloured glue the same way as the previous step, then press your bloody hands onto the base you made in the last step . Any remaining fake blood glue can be dropped onto the plastic wrap to look like a splatter.

Step five: Once  your hand prints have dried, you can carefully peel them off the plastic wrap. Store them between sheets of wax paper until you intend to use them. Then you can stick your creations onto any smooth surface that is washable like windows, mirrors, shower curtains, etc. Enjoy!


Woolly Webs!

Ever wanted a huge spider web Halloween decoration inside your home or in the yard? Me too! What I don't want though, is actual spiders. Head on over to your local craft store or Walmart and pick up some white or grey wool and masking tape. Then you can use your imagination to create a spider web of your very own on the wall. For added spook, you can grab some plastic spiders from the dollar store or make your own if you are creative enough. :)


Lamp Shade Silhouettes

Bats, spiders, spooky eyes... whatever you desire! Just pick up some black craft paper and a pair of scissors and you can make any silhouette you can imagine. Then use some tape and roll it up to stick your silhouettes to your preferred lamp shade. You may want to use chalk and trace some bats printed off the computer or something for a more realistic look. I can never get the wings to look exactly the same and it drives me batty - no pun intended.


Hanging Bats

Felt or foam is easy to come by, just head on over to your local dollar store or craft store and snag some black felt or foam and googly eyes to get started with this awesome little Halloween DIY. Cut the foam into bat shapes, again you may want to use a stencil that you print from online. Then glue on your google eyes and pierce a hole with a hole puncher where the bat's feet would be. Then you can take twine or sting and hang them upside down from the trees in your yard. They are super adorable and spooky at the same time - is that even possible?

Moosers, what are your favourite Halloween decorations to make?


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