H&M Canada Is Opening Their Online Store!

H&M Canada Is Opening Their Online Store!

The time we have all been waiting for is finally here. Perhaps a little "fashionably late", but better late than never. H&M Canada has announced on their Facebook page that they will be opening their doors to their virtual store by the end of 2016. So while we may still have some time to wait, we can always sit here and excitedly anticipate—right?

I love H&M clothing for both my son and I, personally. So I am excited to see that they are finally opening an online store. While I love their stuff so much, half the time I couldn't be bothered to head into the mall to shop. Or I would miss the best sales because I am a bit of a drive from my closest H&M store. Credit card be warned! Now I will be able to watch for their online sales.

Speaking of sales—they do have a coupon right now for 20% off your entire kids purchase. You have to use it in store because their online store isn't open quite yet, but thought I would let you guys know while we are on the topic. The print coupon expires on April 24th. You can either print it or show it on your mobile device.

I guess the question that remains—will this be a Canadian online store or will we have to worry about duties and the exchange rate? Would that stop you from shopping there?

So who else is excited about an H&M online store opening?


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  • Cristinaa

    that would totally stop me from buying. I dislike the thought of having a total and then calculate it in my currency and on top pat duties.... hopefully it's a Canadian store. I've prayed for it for so long lol