The Best Places to Buy Halloween Costumes for Kids

The Best Places to Buy Halloween Costumes for Kids

I don't know about you, but Halloween is one of those holidays that always seems to sneak up on me. And once back-to-school shopping season is finally over, it's already time to run out and try to find costumes for the kids.

So, to help make things a little easier on you (and your wallet) this year, we rounded up some of our absolute favourite places to buy Halloween costumes for kids in Canada.

Whether you're looking for PAW Patrol costumes, trying to track down the new LOL Surprise doll costume or just hoping to find anything at the last minute, you're covered.

There are honestly so many different places where you can buy Halloween costumes for kids, but we decided to narrow things down to our top eight retailers. All of them ship to Canada, and most places give you the option to either shop online or in stores. So go ahead and dive in!

1. Party City

The Best Places to Buy Halloween Costumes for Kids

This one is a given, so of course it tops our list! Party City is one of the most popular costume stores out there, and heading there (or shopping on their website) has become a Halloween tradition for a lot of families. They sell costumes for babies, toddlers and kids (as well as adults and pets). All orders ship from the United States but are duty-free. And if you can't find what you're looking for online, they have hundreds of stores full of costumes and accessories across Canada and the United States.

2. Walmart Canada

The Best Places to Buy Halloween Costumes for Kids

When I was younger, I always shopped for my Halloween costumes at Walmart Canada – and it's still one of the best places for your kids to find theirs, too. They sell hundreds of different costumes for kids, adults and even pets, from generic skeleton suits to Marvel superhero outfits and Peppa Pig costumes. You can shop their Halloween store online or in-person, but you may be able to find the best selection on the web, thanks to all the Walmart Marketplace options out there.

3. Amazon Canada

The Best Places to Buy Halloween Costumes for Kids

If you forgot to grab a Halloween costume – or if your kiddo changed their mind at the last minute – Amazon Canada is perfect for you. They're without a doubt the best place to shop for last-minute Halloween costumes online, especially if you're an Amazon Prime member (since almost all costumes will qualify for free two-day shipping). So if you need to pick up a second costume or any finishing touches, you might just want to check here first!

4. Carter's Canada

The Best Places to Buy Halloween Costumes for Kids

I'm just going to say it. Carter's Canada sells some of the cutest Halloween costumes for babies that I've ever seen. While their selection is pretty limited compared to the other stores on this list, you can't deny that these suits are adorable. These costumes fit most little ones who are anywhere from three months to two years old, and they're all super cuddly. And if you're looking for Halloween clothing (and not an actual costume for your kiddo), they have tons of options there, too!

5. Shop DisneyThe Best Places to Buy Halloween Costumes for Kids

Looking for a specific Disney princess costume? What about a Stormtrooper suit? If Disney Halloween costumes are on your shopping list, Shop Disney is the place to go. After all, they're the official Disney store, so you'll be able to find some of the best-made costumes out there. Just keep in mind that everything is listed in USD, and all orders ship from the US – so you might have better luck shopping in-person at one of their Canadian locations if you need an affordable costume in a rush.

6. Toys R Us Canada

The Best Places to Buy Halloween Costumes for Kids

While Toys R Us Canada might not have the most extensive costume selection, they're really great for one thing: props. If you're looking for masks or character accessories – especially durable ones that will actually last past Halloween – it's worth checking them out. You can shop the Toys R Us Halloween section in-store or online, and they also have role-play outfits, accessories and toys available for sale year-round – just in case your kiddo loves to dress up every single day of the year.

7. Chapters Indigo

The Best Places to Buy Halloween Costumes for Kids

This is a bit of a wild card, but you can occasionally find some really great costumes and accessories at Chapters Indigo. They regularly stock some of the most popular options from Rubie's Costumes, and they often carry accessories and extras you can't find anywhere else. Just remember that many of their Halloween costumes and outfits aren't available in stores, so you'll probably have to do most of (if not all) your shopping there online. However, you can ship almost anything to a store for free.

8. OYA Costumes

The Best Places to Buy Halloween Costumes for Kids

Last but not least on our list is OYA Costumes. I honestly hadn't even heard about them until a couple years ago, but they have a pretty extensive costume selection for babies, kids, adults and pets. They sell a combination of character costumes (including Harry Potter, LEGO, Spider-Man and Black Panther), knock-off looks and some pretty creative options – like cookie and sushi costumes. Shipping to Canada is free on most orders over $89.95, so keep that in mind!


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