Get Nest Gen 3 For $249 @ Rona And Get $37.35 Back

Get Nest Gen 3 For $249 @ Rona And Get $37.35 Back

The Nest smart thermostat learns the temperatures of yourself and programs itself to make sure you are comfortable and your energy bills are kept low. How cool is that? (pun intended)

I have been waiting for a sweet sale on these and the time is now. The Nest Gen 3 is on sale at RONA for $249 and bonus ... RONA will give you $37.35 back in gift cards just for buying it.

And what is even better? Lots of cities and municipalities are giving $100 energy rebates to households that install a programmable thermostat. With the energy rebate + the gift cards from RONA, I will be getting the Nest Gen 3 for $111.65 before taxes. Crazy.

I did notice that some postal codes showed the Nest 3 at a higher price so you may want to check with your local store to see if they will match the $249 price.

Now I just have to add "install Nest" to item 346 of the hunny do list. Sigh.


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