5 Genius School Lunch Box Hacks To Get You Through The Next Two Months

5 Genius School Lunch Box Hacks To Get You Through The Next Two Months

Anyone else start getting anxiety about making kids' school lunches on Sunday night? We are definitely limping toward the finish line when it comes to packing them at my house. Completely baffled about how we will possibly make it through another five days—and another five lunch box rejections.

Thank goodness for the clever parents who have put together these genius school lunch box hacks that I can turn to now for creative ideas that might just give me the inspiration and strength I need to continue feeding my kids for the next two months:

1. Sandwich Kabobs

Because we have done PB&J (or rather Wow Butter, our school is nut-free) in EVERY SINGLE possible way at this point and I just can't imagine making another sammie, wrap, roll or cracker tower. Haven't done this one though! This is happening immediately. (Source: Making Lemonade Blog)

2. Snack Station

Take a few minutes on the weekend to gather together a collection of grab-and-go snacks and store them all together in one large container, or divided into individual containers by type, in the fridge. Ziplock baggies of fruit in one, veggies in another, yogurt, applesauce in yet another. Make enough for the entire week in one shot and just grab as you need them in the morning. Add a sandwich or thermos of leftovers (if your kids'll eat them) and you're done! (Source: Delightful Order)

3. Rubber Band Apples

I'm mean when it comes to chopping fruit for my kids. After a certain age I just feel like they should be able to pick up and apple or pear and eat the thing. WHY do I have to chop it? WHY? More often than not if I don't it comes back with one tiny nibble, just enough to ruin it. If I do cave and chop it, my kids don't eat it because it turned brown. Sigh. Gonna try this rubber band trick this week. Pretty sure my kids won't try to eat the band. Here's hoping it's the brilliant solution we've all been waiting for. (Source: Red Tricycle)

4. Frozen Juice Boxes

I don't even care to admit how many ice packs we've lost. Like probably a million (sorry planet earth). Why have I never done this before? Freeze a juice box, put it in the lunch box and it'll keep the rest of the lunch cool. By the time lunch rolls around it should be slushy and ready to drink. Pure genius. Doing it. (Source: The Crazy Koupon Lady)

5. Banana Notes

My husband put the sweetest little notes in our eldest daughter's lunch box every single day for two years before she started rolling her eyes over it and he ran out of ideas. Lookie here, though! A love note on a banana? It's adorable. Mine will say, "Please eat me, PLEASE I BEG OF YOU." Or something along those lines. (Source: Pinterest)

Do your kids eat their lunches? What are your favourite school lunch hacks?


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