Garlic Clove Skin Slivers Hurt - Best Garlic Tips!

Garlic Clove Skin Slivers Hurt - Best Garlic Tips!

Garlic is great and garlic is not so great. The flavour, aroma and taste of roasted garlic in favourite dishes is enticing. The sharp stabbing little cuts under fingernails when you try to peel a garlic clove - not so great. Nor is the scent of garlic, getting it on your hands when you're chopping it. Blech! That's why you need these tips.

It hurts to get garlic clove skin slivers under your fingernails.

To easily peel a garlic clove that has the paper/skin on it, just use a butterknife to sort of 'pop' one or two of the cloves out. Usually you won't need more than a couple of cloves for your recipe but remove as many as you need. With the garlic skin still on it, your hands are not going to smell like garlic when you touch it. Put them into a medium sized tupperware or plastic container with a lid. Then shake it around! It doesn't take long to literally shake off all of the skin. When you open up the container, you should see nicely peeled smooth garlic cloves.

Drive Your Way To Perfectly Minced Garlic

This Chef'n Garliczoom Garlic Chopper, in the 'small' size is the perfect way to mince garlic without getting it all over your hands. Garlic presses are messy, too. This little doodad keeps counters clean, too, since you're not chopping on a counter surface.

Use paper towel to grab the cloves out of the Tupperware box and toss into the hatch of the Chef'n Garliczoom Garlic Chopper. Your significant other may clamour to do the next part but I am going to warn you now, you will hear 'vroom vroom' sound effects from him.

As you roll the wheels of the little gadget (that looks like a car) back and forth over any surface, the rotating blade perfectly minces the garlic. Food choppers have never worked well for that, they leave too many large bits clinging to the blades. Fingers are safe when rolling it around, just be careful with the sharp blades inside when removing them.

It's easy to assemble and disassemble the Garliczoom, easy to clean, (top rack dishwasher safe) and works like a charm. We've had one for a while now and love it. This item is $12.49 with free shipping if you purchase over $25 (or is free if you are an Amazon Prime Member, otherwise starts at a reasonable $4.50.)

You may also select to buy a XL version of this Chef'n Garliczoom, priced at $18.98, which is worth it if you plan on chopping up more than a couple of garlic cloves at a time.

Shipping is free if your order reaches over $25 of eligible products, or free with no minimum if you are an Amazon Prime member. Otherwise, shipping starts from $4.50 and up.

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