Funny Things Moms Do When They Are Over Tired

Funny Things Moms Do When They Are Over Tired

I am sitting here, exhausted, after what seemed like a never ending night. No, my son is not sick. No, he is not hurt. And no, he won't sleep. I am so exhausted that I just tried to put my kettle in the fridge.

This got me thinking, through the fog, that I should make a list of hilarious things that sleep-deprived moms do. After all, I can't be the only one who has gone to the grocery store in my slippers.

Off I went into the world wide web to scope for hilarious mom-fail stories caused by total lack of sleep. I called up a few of my friends to see if they have done anything hilarious and share-worthy—oh have they ever!

Here are eight honest and hilarious things over-tired moms have done:

"I went to buckle my kiddo in his car seat so we could venture out and complete our errands. After having him buckled in, I realized I was not wearing any pants." — My friend Alexandria

"I reached for my cell phone and put it in my son's mouth, thinking it was a bottle." — Celissa K.

"To wake myself up in the morning (after not really sleeping), I would use one of those cleansing face masks. I accidentally wore it to work one day and was wondering why my co-workers were laughing at me in the elevator." — My mom

"After a long week marked by sleep deprivation, I went to get my 5-month-old from her crib. Something just didn't feel quite right. After a couple of seconds, I realized that I was holding our daughter upside down!" — Jenna D.

"I accidentally put breast milk in my husbands tea. I never told him." — My friend Krysten

"As I was giving my 4-month-old son a bath, I started to panic—his little feet were green! After a moment, I realized I was so exhausted that I never took off his socks!" — Jennifer N.

"I used to co-sleep and breast feed. Normally I would just toss the wet diaper into my garbage can that is in the other corner of my bedroom throughout the night. Well guess what, this one time it had poop in it and didn't I decorate my walls with that sh*t!? Ugh!" — My friend Krysten

"I watch my significant other while he sleeps soundly and peacefully even though I have been up all night with our very loud, very fussy toddler. I fantasize about dumping my ice water in his face. Then I realize the glass I just "filled" is still empty." — Me, Last Night.

I would love to do a part two with our own reader's stories, leave us a comment below and on our Facebook post to be featured in our next one!

What's the weirdest things you've done our of sheer exhaustion?


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  • Jude

    I love this post!  I have found my kettle in the fridge, worn slippers to the store, found things in the weirdest places....whenever I'm missing something now I always check the most unrealistic places first,  Driven 10 miles further than needed because I forgot to stop and pick up my son....and the list goes on.

    And, guess what?  I'm 50, my son is never gets easier people! 

    They are so worth every single crazy, nut case moment and I wouldn't trade all these years for anything. 

    signed....a very hormonal, older, single Mom :)

    • CuteSavings

      I have done a serious number of silly things too - and my son is only three! I wouldn't trade the sleepless nights for the world though, my son is so worth it. <3 Thanks for reading!

    • Suzanne W.

      Michelle Watkinson - do any of these ever happen to you?

      • Noahsmum

        I put milk in the pantry and my preschooler stopped me.  Gave the dog food which was for baby and he never complained.  I left the house with shirts inside out & spitup on if.