Fun & Frugal Ways To Up Cycle Lego! (Part 1)

Fun & Frugal Ways To Up Cycle Lego! (Part 1)


Sadly, all kids grow up. Sometimes you may be left over with some pieces of Lego that you don't know what to do with, or maybe you will snag a few pieces of your child's Lego to try out these DIY projects. Either way, there are quite a few adult uses for Lego and I am excited to try them all! Whether you are looking for a way to tidy your phone charger cables or if you are looking for some great DIY gift ideas, there are definitely some creative ideas here. Plus, if you have the characters and Lego pieces laying around then these do it yourself ideas won't even cost you 5 cents. So get your creative mind flowing and check out these fun and frugal ways to up cycle Lego.


Lego Man Cable Holder

There is nothing more frustrating that you and your hubby's iPhone chargers getting all tangled up, especially when you are in a rush to head out the door and you can't get them separated. That won't be an issue anymore! Just strategically glue a couple of adorable Lego characters to your desk or wall and their hands can hold onto your phone charger cable. Funny that their hands are the perfect size, right?


Lego Desk Caddy

This one is pretty simple. Build your dream desk organizer out of Lego! There are a few different ways you can do this. The image shows a Lego Desk Caddy with just one organizer, but I would build one with maybe 5 or 6 different organization spots of different sizes so I could separate my pens and pencils or scissors even. I would even go as far as gluing each piece on so that if your desk organizer falls off said desk, it won't fall to pieces. I could picture my cat knocking this off my desk so that I would end up walking on the Lego pieces in the morning. Ouch!


Lego Fridge Magnets

How interesting are these?! These Lego magnets would be great for your fridge or white board even. Just use a glue gun and glue a magnetic strip to the under side of the Lego piece, and voila. This is a great way to keep your child's latest drawing on the fridge with a little creative streak. I would try to use a magnetic strip the same size as the magnetic so it is as strong as possible.


Lego Bird House

This may take some serious time and skill, but if you're up to it then you could use your leftover Lego to build a creative little Lego Bird House. I would also suggest gluing the pieces together for this project as well, especially if you are going to be hanging it from a tree. I am not sure what you could use as a perch, but maybe you can fix something to the structure with a hot glue gun. I wonder if birds would be more attracted to a neutral coloured bird house like in the picture, or if it would matter if you used bright colours? I would love to see some of the finished houses you guys make.


Lego Hamster House

Much like birds, hamsters love little huts and houses too. A hamster house seems much easier to build though. I would be worried about the little critter chewing the plastic, has anyone tried this? My son is not quite at the age to ask for a hamster yet, but if we ever do get one then I definitely plan on trying this. You could get super creative and build them something that looks like a real little house. So cute!


Lego Snow Globe

Just follow these simple steps and you can have yourself a custom Lego Snow Globe! Get your favourite Lego character and glue him or her to a few pieces of Lego to stand on. Then glue that to the lid of water tight jar. Fill the jar with water and add some glitter of your colour choice. Twist the lid on super tight (add some glue if you want) and turn it upside down! There you have it, a cute little snow globe. I might make a few of these as little Christmas gifts this year if it works.


Lego Picture Frame

This is a great way to up cycle both your old photo frames and your Lego. Just take the picture frame and a hot glue gun and stick Lego pieces as you wish to the entire photo frame. As you can see from the photo, you can go for a straight edge style or a more abstract style. I like them both.

Love these Lego DIY ideas? Stay tuned for part 2 for even more ways to up cycle that Lego. Hey, if you are looking for other Do It Yourselfideas then be sure to read the rest of the projects and recipes we have here on Bargainmoose.


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