Frugalicious Spooky Pudding Cups

Frugalicious Spooky Pudding Cups


*Bump! We are getting closer to the spooky day, and these may come in handy!*

Halloween is my favourite event of the year. Candy, spooky tricks and treats.. what more could you ask for? I am allover the crafts and recipes that are Halloween inspired and I can't wait to try to make these fun & frugal Spooky Pudding Cups. You can follow my directions or get really creative and create your own Halloween characters, but either way I am sure they will turn out adorably spooky and delicious. Not only will these impress your friends, but the kids will love them. You can make a monster, Frankenstein, ghost, Jack O' Lantern and more, just use your creative minds if you don't see your favourite character in this little tutorial. We would also love to see the results! There are quite a few different supplies needed for this craft, so you might want to read this article and make a list to head to the grocery store and dollar store with.

Here is what you are going to need to make these adorably ghoulish pudding cups:

  • clear small plastic cups
  • Sharpie markers (maybe a few colours to get creative)
  • vanilla pudding (make your own to be more frugal, but you can also buy pudding already made if you are lacking time)
  • food colouring
  • pretzel sticks
  • mint leaves or candy spearmint leaves
  • crushed up oreos
  • googly eyes & craft glue (or just draw on the eyes)
  • anything else you can use to get creative


There are different steps for each of the spooky characters, but for the most part you are going to want to start by drawing the faces on your pudding cups and adding googly eyes if you want to. Some googly eyes are stick-on, but probably won't last long. I would go ahead and use some good craft glue or a hot glue gun to stick the googly eyes onto your plastic cups. For the Jack O' Lantern spooky pudding, you can draw two triangle eyes and a triangle nose and do a squiggly line for the mouth. The other characters will vary, but you can look up what each ghoulish face looks like and mimic it to the best of your ability.

Then you can make a few different batches of vanilla pudding. I say a few different batches because you are going to be making a few different colours. You are going to want a few different colours. Perhaps you wish to use the following colours:

  • green
  • orange
  • blue
  • purple

For each colour you are going to want to add some food colouring to the vanilla pudding. I would start in small amounts and work your way up to the colour you desire. Personally I find food colouring has no taste, but if you want something with a sweeter taste then you may lean towards using food gel colour instead. At this point you can also add tapioca if you want to texture the pudding a little bit. For the ghost character you won't need to colour the pudding at all.


Next you are going to want to pour the coloured pudding into the appropriate cups and let it chill in the refrigerator until you are ready to eat it. For some added features you can stick a pretzel rod and mint leaves or candy leaves on top of the Jack O' Lantern. You will want to sprinkle your crushed Oreo on top of the Frankenstein pudding cup to resemble his hair. You could even add whipped cream or other candy if you wanted to. This is your chance to get creative with this project.

When you are done you will have at least four different pudding cups. Perhaps you will have monsters, ghosts, pumpkins and zombies or Frankenstein! The opportunities are really endless here. I have seen some make vampires and witches. You just need to get creative with your ingredients and accessories and remember to have fun. If you have a Halloween event coming up at school for the kids, your child will impress all of their class mates with this fun & frugal Halloween craft for sure.


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