Frugal Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids!!

Frugal Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids!!


Happy Thanksgiving weekend! If you are looking for something to do with the kids this weekend, why not try to make some of these adorable (and frugal) Thanksgiving crafts? Your kids will thoroughly enjoy these activities, and your home will have some adorable, unique Thanksgiving decor in no time. Most of these crafts will cost you next to nothing to make, especially if you already have craft paper and craft items around your home.


Thanksgiving Hats

This Thanksgiving Turkey Hat is a hit with all the kids! Gather a paper plate, scissors, assorted paints, cotton swabs, construction paper, a glue stick, brown craft foam and a stapler and let's get started. Then you can cut your white paper plate in half. Each half will make one hat. Then you can paint each of the outside grooves with a different colour to look like the turkey's tail feathers. You can use a Q-tip or cotton swab for this to make it easy and as little mess as possible.

Then, you will cut out a 6 inch half circle from brown construction paper and cut it in half. Glue it onto the main portion of the paper plate to be the turkey's body. Then cut a 3 inch circle out of light brown construction paper and glue it on as the turkey's head. You will want to create the face with google eyes or use white and black construction paper to create eyes. Then make an orange triangle for a nose, and a red "apostrophe" shaped piece of construction paper for the Turkey's wattle.

For the legs, cut out two 8 inch long strips that are about an inch wide out of orange construction paper. Fold them like an accordion and cut the bottoms to look like turkey feet. Glue everything in place, and voila! Now you just need to cut 2 11 inch long strips (wide - maybe 4 inches wide) and staple each end to the other's end to form the head band. Staple or glue the plate turkey to cover one of the seems.


Thankful Turkey

This is an excellent craft to help express what your entire family is thankful for. It is also pretty simple to make, but as a knitter I cringe at using an entire ball of wool. To start, cut a 1 inch sliver off the bottom of a Styrofoam ball (you can get these at Michael's). I suggest using a 9 inch ball for the main piece of the turkey. Then you are going to wrap it neatly in a dark brown wool, making sure you cover the surface completely. I would probably dab some glue here and there before wrapping so that the wool stays in place.  Then you are going to make a 4 inch ball by winding light brown yarn or wool, and then use a wooden craft stick to attach it to the main piece of the turkey.

You can create adorable facial features on your turkey in a few different ways. You can glue on google eyes, or use felt to make the eyes, beak and wattle. To create your feathers, cut craft paper into the shape of feathers. Bend them in half to create a more realistic seam. Then you can glue a wooden craft stick to each so that you can insert them into the body of the turkey to make his fan of tails. At the dinner table, have your family write reasons to be thankful on each feather before attaching them to the turkey.


Pilgrim Hat Snack Cups / Dip Cups

Looking for a way to cutely display popcorn or veggie dip for Thanksgiving? Why not make your very own Pilgrim Hat Cups for veggies & dip or even snacks like popcorn or chips. For children, this is a fun way to make the table a little more interesting.

You are going to need:

  • 9 ounce black paper cups
  • 3 ounce paper cups
  • scissors
  • glue
  • black paper card stock circles
  • yellow construction paper
  • veggies & dip or snacks

You probably get the gist of how this is made just by looking at the picture. Flip your black cup upside down and glue it to your black circle card stock. Then use scissors or an exacto knife and cut the bottom out of that cup. You may need to cut a bit off the length of the cup as well to get your smaller paper cup to fit inside. Then place your second (smaller) paper cup in the opening you just made. Fill that cup with dip & place the veggie sticks inside too or just fill it with popcorn or chips as a snack instead.


Turkey Cups

Kids can get their cups mixed up really easily, and sometimes that can pose to be inconvenient. With these turkey cups you can label the tail feathers so nobody gets confused.

You will need:

  • plastic cups
  • google eyes
  • construction paper
  • glue

So basically you are going to want to cut construction paper into the shape of turkey feathers and glue 4 or 5 of them onto the "back" of each cup to look like the turkey's feathers. Then you can cut turkey beaks out of yellow construction paper. I find the triangle shape to be cutest. Glue those on and then go ahead and glue those google eyes on for the final touch of character.

Moosers, what other crafts do you love to make with the kids for Thanksgiving?



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