Guide to Free Makeup Samples in Canada

So you can stock up on all those trial-sizes
Guide to Free Makeup Samples in Canada

If there's one thing you almost always want to try before you buy, it's beauty products. Luckily, there are plenty of different websites where you can get free makeup samples in Canada – which means you can test things out before you take the plunge and purchase the full-size products.

But since every beauty site (and store) has different rules and requirements for claiming those freebies, we rounded up 12 of our favourite places to score free makeup samples online and figured out exactly what you need to do to get 'em. So go ahead, take a look and let us know which samples you get!

1. Sephora Canada

Of course, Sephora is at the top of our list! They're known for giving out some of the best beauty samples out there, including freebies from Benefit Cosmetics, BECCA and Bobbi Brown, just to name a few. To find all the latest Sephora Canada free samples, just head to their Free Beauty Samples section. You can now choose up to two samples per order (instead of three), but you're limited to one of each (so no doubling up).

If you're looking for a few extra treats, don't worry – Sephora has you covered there, too! Their Beauty Offers section is where you'll find promo codes for everything from deluxe beauty samples to trial-size fragrances and more. Some of these are Beauty Insider exclusives, so you'll need to be a member to get them. If you're not one yet, you can always sign up here. It's free to join, and you can't say no to perks like this!

2. MAC Cosmetics

Looking for a free MAC sample? You can score a free mini when you place an order on the MAC Cosmetics website. When you're ready to check out, it'll prompt you to choose a complementary mini from a (pretty long) list of products. One really incredible thing to keep in mind is that these aren't little single-use packs. These are trial-size products, so you're definitely going to get more than one use out of them!

3. Beauty Boutique

Every once in a while, Beauty Boutique will offer a deluxe sample with purchase. You'll know when there's a new one, because it's usually highlighted in the banner at the top of their site. No code is needed, and they'll automatically be added to your order. If you're looking for extra goodies, though, it's always worth checking their Gift with Purchase section, which is full of freebies available on select orders.

4. Hudson's Bay

Occasionally, The Bay will give away samples with beauty orders. But while this doesn't happen very often, they do have a Gift with Purchase section full of treats you can get on select orders! The terms and conditions for these all vary, so give them a look before you shop. You might also score samples in stores, especially if you stop by the beauty counters and ask. It's worth it if there's an expensive product you want to try.

5. IT Cosmetics

These are a little tricky to find, since IT Cosmetics doesn't have a designated sample section. However, they're well worth tracking down! I just type "sample" into the search bar, and a list of free IT Cosmetics samples will usually pop up! There are often one or two standard samples available, as well as a few deluxe samples. They tend to run out of stock very quickly, so don't wait if there's one you want to grab!

6. Clinique Canada

Clinique is one of my personal favourite places to score freebies, because (1) I love their products and use them every single day (so I can always use more), and (2) they give out actual trial sizes that are perfect for when you're travelling. They usually run more than one promo at a time, including things like free mini deals and promo codes for deluxe samples – and you can see them all on their Offers page.

7. Urban Decay Canada

Urban Decay occasionally offers free samples with purchase. If you want to know when the next freebie is available, you can sign up for their newsletter to get all the details of when (and what) you'll need to shop to score 'em. If you're a beauty blogger and looking for free samples, Urban Decay does accept requests. Make sure you include a direct link to your blog, website or channel, as well as any info about your specific audience. They vet all these submissions, but it's worth a try – especially if you want to do a review.

8. Smashbox

Want to try something new from Smashbox without making the commitment to a full product? In addition to free shipping on absolutely every order, they also offer two free packette samples with every purchase! These will pop up at checkout, so you can choose which one(s) you want to try.

9. Clarins

If you want THREE free Clarins samples, head to their website, because that's what you get with every order! While these won't necessarily be makeup samples, you can try out all different kinds of their products, and that's always worth it in my book! Plus, if you head to their Offers page, you'll find details about other freebies.

10. Lancôme

In the Lancôme Special Offers section, you'll find one promo that never expires: free samples with every order! No matter what you buy, you automatically qualify for two complimentary samples, which can even include their famous anti-aging serum, Advanced Genifique. Samples will be added to your order at checkout.

11. Glossier Canada

Since Glossier started shipping to Canada, there's been one question on a lot of people's minds: "Can I get free Glossier samples?" The simple answer is yes! At checkout, you'll be prompted to choose a free sample. So far, I've seen cleansers and moisturizers. While these aren't makeup products, you never know what they'll give out in the future! Just know that Glossier can't ship samples to these addresses.

As an added bonus, Glossier also has an entire Free Stuff section that you can access when you sign up for their mailing list. It's full of playlists, downloadable phone wallpapers and more, so definitely check it out!

12. LUSH Canada

Did you know LUSH sometimes includes free samples in online orders? I honestly didn't, but it's true! One thing to note is that (like most beauty sites), LUSH won't ship samples by themselves. However, you can pick up free samples and test products out (with no purchase required) if you head to a LUSH store.

Bonus: Tarte Cosmetics

While Tarte Cosmetics doesn't offer free samples, they do give you the chance to add samples to your order for an additional $1 CAD each. When you're ready to check out, it'll prompt you to add up to two samples to your order. So if you spot something you really want to try, what's another hundred pennies?

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