Firsty Tooth Box For $16.64 @

Firsty Tooth Box For $16.64 @

I was just having a discussion with a friend of mine about baby teeth. Would you keep them or toss them when your kiddo starts to lose them? If you are inclined to keep them, then you may be interested in these neat Firsty Tooth Round Boxes for sale at These boxes are just $16.64 and come in a variety of colours.

So this looks like a cool and hygienic way to store your kid's teeth if you keep them. As your child loses their teeth, you can store them according to their actual jaw placement within this Firsty Tooth Round Box. These teeth storage kits are available in several colours for just $16.64 each - and I find that a reasonable price for something you will keep forever most likely. Don't worry - each container has a lid that is see through so you can see the teeth inside without dropping them. You can even buy a combo set that comes with two of the Firsty Tooth Round Boxes for just $30 - so you will save a few bucks if you have more than one kid.

The middle of the container is meant to hold a small photo of your child with their brand new smile. It also comes with a log book so you can keep track of when and where the teeth were lost. There is even a cute story included called "Sarah and the Tooth Fairy".

Shipping is $6 from this particular Etsy retailer, but if you purchase more than one of these products your shipping will be reduced for the 2nd and 3rd etc items.

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  • Lisa B.

    I keep them but this is creepy...

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      That's not creepy at all...