Easter Egg Hunt Tips and Tricks

Easter Egg Hunt Tips and Tricks

This weekend, I am sure each and every one of you will have an Easter egg hunt going on in your home. Last year was my first time hosting an Easter egg hunt for my kiddo, and it wasn't as simple as everyone makes it seem. For one, I never wrote down how many eggs I hid in the first place so we were finding the for weeks. I've compiled a list of quick and easy tips and tricks to help your Easter egg hunt run as smooth as possible. So let's get started then.

Colour Coding

If you have more than one kiddo, then you can colour code the hidden eggs. Do green for boys and yellow for girls, or assign a specific colour to each child. Then you can also hide the eggs in spots that are challenging or easy enough for their age. Plus, this will encourage the kiddos to help each other as opposed to competing for the most eggs in their basket.

Letter Fun

If your kids are at the reading age, then you can paint a letter on each egg so they can have fun trying to spell a secret word for their ultimate Easter surprise. Maybe there can even be additional prizes for the kid with the longest word?

Record How Many Eggs You Hide

Moosers. If you hide 102 eggs, write down that you have hidden 102 eggs. Seriously, we (including the pets) were finding little chocolate eggs for weeks last year. I had about 100 hidden - maybe 150? Who knows! See, that is the problem. I was finding them every time I dusted the table tops or picked a different movie off the shelf.

Boundaries, Boundaries... Boundaries

To reduce the amount of time (and nasty stair falls), be sure to set boundaries. Okay kids, the eggs are only hidden on the main level, and they are not hidden any higher than your head. That way, it prevents the kiddos from trying to climb on everything too.

Draw a Map

To make things even more interesting, why not draw a map for your kiddos to use? Maybe list the order so each egg has a chronological letter. The eggs will spell a word - like closet or pantry and within that area there will be a surprise hidden for the kids. This way also helps you have the opportunity to use non-chocolate prizes as well.

Moosers, would you add any tips for Easter egg hunts?


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  • RobynP

    These are great ideas!  My daughter is 3, and this is our first year doing an egg hunt.  With two dogs in the house, I went with hollow plastic eggs that I can fill with goodies.  The dogs will be locked out of the living room until she finds all 6 eggs.  I love the idea of putting letters on - I have 6 plastic eggs and her name has 6 letters.  Done!