Easter Bunny Photos Gone Wrong!

Easter Bunny Photos Gone Wrong!

It is that time of year - we all rush our kids to the mall to get an adorable picture of them sitting with the Easter bunny. But what happens if they are truly terrified of Peter Rabbit? I guess we end up with awesome photos that make for awesome blog posts! Here is a compilation of hilarious Easter photos that have gone all kinds of wrong:

I guess they couldn't comfort each other?

"Help me Mom!"

The Easter bunny is real, and she is terrified of it.

Maybe they feed off each other's fear?

Courage does not come in threes... but the boy on the right though?!

Why does the bunny have glasses!?

Why does this bunny have makeup on!?

Is it just me or is this bunny incredibly large?

It doesn't help that the Easter bunny is holding a tiny pink bunny hostage!

One boy has a smirk, the other looks petrified.

Don't make me ugly cry.

Funny—the younger sister thinks it is amusing that her big brother is terrified.

Even mom can't help us now.

Okay. This bunny would make me cry too. Are those air conditioners in the background?

Now, that bunny isn't too scary.

Again with the ugly cry bunny.

Who drew eyebrows on the bunny!?

There are two sides to every story.

Why is the basket empty?? I'd cry too!

This Easter bunny can't contain her laughter! Scaring kids is funny!

Photo credit: Ellen Degeneres


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    Lol I love the dog one.