Is the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Worth It?

Is the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Worth It?

Is the Dyson hair dryer on your wish list? I know a few people who have been eyeing them since they first came out (myself included) – but I have to say, that almost $500 price tag can be a little hard to stomach.

So is it worth the money? Well, we decided to look into it for you. We put together this quick guide to the Dyson hair dryer, complete with a list of places where you can find it in Canada and tricks for scoring one on sale.

Some people call it the best hair dryer in Canada, so we looked through a ton of different reviews to help you decide if it's the best one for you. And just in case it isn't, we also dug up a few similar hair dryers you might love even more. But first, let's answer a few of the most common questions about the Dyson hair dryer.

What is the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer?

Well, you've probably heard of Dyson vacuums before. Even if you don't have one, know that they put the same care and attention into their first beauty product: theDyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. Like Dyson says on their website, this hair dryer was engineered to do one major thing: dry your hair quickly while protecting it from extreme heat damage.

It has a powerful digital motor and an ergonomic design, where the weight is distributed evenly through the entire handle (which means you're less likely to cramp up and get tired when you're holding it over your head). The Dyson Supersonic also comes with magnetic attachments – including a smoothing nozzle – and styling tools that rotate up to 360 degrees. Just click them on and off!

The Dyson hair dryer comes in a few different colours, including fuchsia, purple and gold, as well as some limited editions. And the good news? ALL of them are available for sale in Canada!

Where to buy the Dyson hair dryer in Canada

Lucky for us, the Dyson hair dryer is sold in stores across Canada – so even if it's out of stock at once place, you'll usually be able to find one somewhere else. You can purchase one directly from Dyson itself, and it's also often available online from these retailers:

Does the Dyson hair dryer ever go on sale?

Here's the deal. While it doesn't happen often, the Dyson Supersonic DOES go on sale from time to time. And when it does, we'll let you know right here. However, if you're hoping to find it for a lower price right now, you might want to consider looking at a refurbished Dyson hair dryer. They're occasionally available from the official Dyson Canada Outlet on eBay, and you can sometimes save a couple hundred dollars off the regular price of a new model.

Alternatives to the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

Is the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Worth It?

Of course, the Dyson Supersonic isn't the only highly rated hair dryer out there. We took a look at some of the best hair dryers in Canada and pulled a few of the highlights, if you want to comparison shop. So take a peek and find the one that's best for you!

T3 Cura Hair Dryer ($300) – Aside from the Dyson Supersonic, THIS is the gold standard of hair dryers. It's suitable for all hair types, quieter than most other models and designed to fight frizz, dry hair quickly and give you that healthy-looking shine you know you want.

Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer ($245) – This bright-yellow dryer is a dream come true for anybody who loves a good blowout but can't afford to make it to the salon every week. It's suitable for all hair types and has three temperature settings to help you style and reduce frizz.

GHD Air Professional Performance Hair Dryer ($249) – Here's an award-winning dryer that works two times faster than a lot of the other options out there. It's suitable for all hair types and can give you a smoother blowout with less frizz (no salon trip needed).

Sephora Collection Blast: Infrared Hair Dryer ($131)Looking for a more affordable option? At just over $100, this Sephora Collection hair dryer is the biggest steal on our list. It's suitable for all hair types and will even help smooth and moisturize your hair as it dries.


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