​Do mayo and coffee mix?

​Do mayo and coffee mix?

Do mayo and coffee mix?

A new debate on Twitter has some people reaching for the mayo in the morning.

This comes after a sports reporter in Philadelphia tweeted he added mayo to his coffee when he ran out of creamer. According to him, it wasn’t “half bad.”

Some Twitter users were left gagging while others wrote they would try it, too.

A few years ago, there was another debate about whether adding butter to coffee was a good idea. Referred to as “bulletproof coffee,” the fat supposedly increases energy and brainpower.

Butter sounds like a turn off to me, but at least it's creamy and neutral tasting. Mayo seems like another story when it comes to coffee. But it does have other uses in the kitchen. You can use mayo to cook with and bake. My mom uses it when she makes grilled cheese sandwiches instead of butter. It can also be used in dips, sandwiches, potato salad and coleslaw. I even found a recipe for mayonnaise cookies (http://allrecipes.com/recipe/11019/mayonnaise-cookies/) and you can even add it to chocolate cake http://www.hellmanns.com/recipes/detail/32576/1/super-moist-chocolate-mayo-cake according to the Hellmann's website.

The thought of mixing mayo into my coffee is repulsive. I prefer almond milk, soy milk or cream.

Yet the debate has left me wondering: how do you take your coffee? Have you tried mayo and coffee? I have a whole jar of mayo in my fridge. What else can I do with it?


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