DIY: Swiffer Sock Hack

DIY: Swiffer Sock Hack

1For those of you who own a Swiffer, you know the pain. I am a perfect combination of a clean freak with a frugal mind. While I adore my Swiffer, I hate spending the ridiculous amount on the dry or wet sleeves for it. There are lots of DIY tutorials on how to sew or crochet reusable cleaning sleeves, but how about one to use something around the house that you would otherwise throw out?

If you have any odd socks laying around, they make fantastic Swiffer sweepers. I prefer the fuzzy socks to be honest, but any will work. Heck, if you don't have any spares laying around the house then you can always head to your local dollar store and snag some for much cheaper than the Swiffer brand cleaning sleeves will cost you. Plus, these socks are washable and thus reusable - which saves even more money.

This has got to be the simplest DIY tutorial ever. To sweep, just slip the sock over your Swiffer. You can push the four corners into those grip-holes if you want as well. To mop, you can submerge the sock in your favourite cleaning water & floor cleaner mix and then wring it out. Then stick it onto your Swiffer just like previously mentioned. Mop your floors, tada! You can even redo this a few times and get the entire house swept and mopped in a jiffy.

With the actual wet Swiffer sleeves I find I can only mop one room before it is too dry to complete another full room. So I really think this is a better option all around. More cost efficient, less wasteful (for the socks sake), and more adorable. Come on, who doesn't want to mop their floor with a fluffy pink sock!? After you wash these socks they are even great to attach to that Swiffer duster handle to get the dusting done. Fantastic, get my drift?

Moosers, what are your secret Swiffer hacks?


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