DIY Chalk Paint

DIY Chalk Paint

Have you ever tried to draw with sidewalk chalk? My hands constantly slip and I end up scuffing my knuckles—ouch! I don't want my kiddos to do the same, which is why I am going to try out this DIY Chalk Paint on the next warm day.

Homemade chalk paint is super easy (and fun) to make. It is something that you and the kids can make together on a rainy day for use on a sunny day. This project only calls for two ingredients—sidewalk chalk and water. How easy is that!? You can even pick up some inexpensive sidewalk chalk from the dollar store if you don't already have some. Water you can get from the tap, of course.

I'd suggest getting the chunky type of chalk, the thin chalk may snap while you are grating it and that can be potential for injuries and grated skin—ouch. So grate some chalk into a little cup or container. Aren't these heart shaped ones adorable? Once your chalk is grated, gradually add small amounts of water. Like, a few drops at a time.

Then, stir the water and grated chalk together to create your paint. Make tons of different colours so your kids can use their full imagination. You can even combine two colours together to make new colours this way. Maybe try blue and yellow together—get your kids to guess what colour it will become!

Then go to town and let the kids paint allover your driveway or sidewalk! I always love seeing all the kids' drawings when I walk my dogs in the morning. All of the neighbourhood kids seem to enjoy sidewalk chalk.

A big thanks to Nurture Store for this fab recipe.


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