DIY After School Routine Clock

DIY After School Routine Clock

So, school has started! How are your after school routines going? It may be hard to keep kids (and parents) on track - so why not make your very own After School Routine Clock? It is a simple procedure, and will make life a lot smoother in the long run. Make a quick trip to the dollar store to get everything you need, and then we can get started.

Here's what you'll need:

Next, you'll need to put some thoughts (and maybe a family discussion) into what you need each evening to include. Here are some ideas that crossed my mind:

  • homework
  • dinner
  • chores
  • playtime/tv time
  • bath/shower & hygiene routines
  • bedtime stories

Then decide how much time is required for each activity. Then you can take your markers, and colour the times like a pie chart (Once you get your clock partially taken apart). It may also help to use a black marker to use as a border between each colour. Use fun colours!

Then you can take a piece of paper (the same size as your frame requires), and make a legend for your new After School Routine Clock. Use big letters, and shorter words - it may even help teach some reading and time-telling to the little ones. The kids will enjoy seeing what colour is next on the clock - just as you and I will.

Do you think this will cure that 4 PM whirlwind?


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