DIY: Affordable Fairy Gardens!

DIY: Affordable Fairy Gardens!

Fairy Gardens or "Miniature Gardens" are a delightful trend for spring. While you can buy kits with everything you need to make your own, they can be uber expensive. But good news—there are plenty of ways to do it yourself! And with a little creativity you may well end up with an even better Fairy Garden than you could have purchased.

I love creative little ideas like this and I can't wait to make my very own Fairy Garden.


I found this fantastic idea on Pinterest—use broken clay pots. How many of you have broken pots from last year that ended up sitting out over the winter and cracking? I know I do. Or pick an intact clay pot and break it in the shape you desire. With the idea pictured above they broke the side of the pot, filled it with potting soil and used little pieces to make a retaining wall and stairs. You can just tell it will be totally adorable.

Dress your mini garden with tiny wooden or ceramic houses and moss, or hens and chicks succulents. You can use whatever plants you like, but the idea is to make it look like a little miniature world. Maybe a Bonsai tree would be a perfect fit for your Fairy Garden?

The dollar or craft store might have some adorable little ceramics you can paint to add to your garden. Think miniature garden gnomes or deer. My local dollar store even had miniature bird houses on lollipop sticks, so I will definitely add those to my creation. Some colourful rocks and ornaments and you will have a unique Fairy Garden of your own. I will keep mine as a centrepiece on my kitchen table, but of course they can stay outdoors as well.


FairyGarden.casells bits and pieces for your garden including Halloween and Christmas themed decorations and characters. They even have reindeer!

If you want to get creative and build your own houses and characters for your Fairy Garden then I suggest you learn how to make Papercrete.Papercrete is made from newspaper, water and cement mix and it is a great way to build bricks, little miniature houses, decorations and more out of materials that won't cost you much. I will make little stepping stones and mailboxes... oh my gosh... so cute!

If you don't want the hassle of building your own Fairy Garden, you can always snag this kit from for just $42.27. This Creativity For Kids Enchanted Fairy Garden Kitis a great way to grow your own magical, miniature Fairy land garden without having to be creative about building everything yourself. This kit is best suited for ages seven and up but is even wonderful for adults. Included is the container, soil, characters, paint, and more things you will need to get started. You will even get free shipping.

Isn't this a fabulous way to get your gardening fix in without having to revamp the entire yard!? Do you have a Fairy Garden?


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