DIY: Adorably Spooky Halloween Treat Bags!

DIY: Adorably Spooky Halloween Treat Bags!


Halloween is sneaking up, and fast. If you are a mom who loves crafts like myself, then you probably have already wondered how you can make your own little Halloween treat bag for the kiddos. Wonder no more, super-mom! Halloween is just a few days away and you have plenty of time to make your very own adorably spooky Halloween treat bags. Of course your kids will want more candy than what fits in these cute little totes, so be sure to bring a pillow case or something along for them to dump their earnings into as the trick-or-treating goes along. These mini-Halloween totes are fun, fast and super budget friendly.

Here's what you're going to need to get started on these DIY Trick Or Treat bags:

If you can't find the mini loot bags at any stores nearby, you can always make your own out of the felt sheets. You will need to be a little handy with a needle and thread but that's no biggy - is it? In fact, here is a free pattern from to help you make a tote of your very own.

Step 1: First you're going to print and cut out the downloadable template I mentioned above. You can print it out on regular or freezer paper, whatever works best for you personally.

Step 2: You are going to use your cut out paper patterns and cut out the appropriate pieces of felt (in the right colour scheme of course). You will need to use the guide printed on the templates so you know how many of each piece you need to cut. The template is pretty easy to follow. Of course you can switch around the colour patterns to make the bags more unique, but the templates do most of the explaining if you don't have much of a creative streak.

Step 3: Using the glue gun you are going to glue the felt pieces onto your tote bags according to the pattern. Usually you will want to glue on the mouth first to make everything else easy to center.

Then you can let your mini trick-or-treat bags dry and use them on Halloween. The kids will love them, and so will you. You can even make them and put candy inside as handouts for your kiddo's Halloween party if you are looking for Halloween theme party favours. Thank you to Live Craft Love for this awesome idea!

Moosers, do you find these tote bags adorable?


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