Crafty Halloween: Spooky Glowing Eyes!

Crafty Halloween: Spooky Glowing Eyes!


Here’s a really frugalicious and crafty idea that you could prepare for Halloweennight, when the kids will be out collecting candy. Using some empty toilet paper rolls and some glow sticks, you can create a spooky scene in your yard!

The steps are very easy:

  1. Cut eye holes in toilet paper rolls
  2. Tape a glow stick into each one
  3. Place in your yard

Obviously you can make these decorations as simple or as elaborate as you wish. Cutting plain eye holes looks very menacing, without doing any of the fiddly cutting. And if you’re putting these in the bushes in your yard, I think they’d look fab!

Who is going to try making these? I am! If you don’t have any glow sticks at home, just grab some here on Amazon and they’ll arrive in time for Halloween.

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