Cheap & Crafty: Water Bottle Wind Spirals!

Cheap & Crafty: Water Bottle Wind Spirals!


Ahhh Pinterest. Oh how you raise up my hopes to aspire to be an amazing artist, chef and mother. Then, with no care for the consequence, you dash my hopes and dreams on the rocks when I fail at yet another DIY project! But I still love you, Pinterest. And I will keep browsing because I will occasionally find a project that’s cheap, crafty and really cannot be turned into a FAIL.

That’s my opinion of these water bottle wind spirals. It’s a frugal and fun craft to do with the kids, and it really cannot turn out wrong… can it? All you need are some empty plastic bottles, some scissors, some permanent markers, maybe some string. I don’t really need to write a whole tutorial in here for you Moosers, as I think that it’s pretty obvious how these wind spirals are made. Simply colour your empty bottles, cut them into your desired shapes, then hang outside in the wind.

If you give it a try, please share in the comments below! Perhaps you’ll attempt it while trying to keep the kids entertained this long weekend. :)

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