​Canadians are going crazy for Canada Day.

​Canadians are going crazy for Canada Day.

This year marks a special birthday for Canada—150—and it seems we can’t get enough Canada 150 paraphernalia.

You can buy anything from Canada Day t-shirts and fidget spinners to condoms and caskets. From the everyday items to the insane, it’s available in stores across Canada and online.

To give you an idea of the breadth of items for sale, here’s a cool fact: In April, the federal government unveiled its official Canada 150 logo. People are allowed to use the logo for free, but they must submit an online application outlining how the logo will be used. As of mid-June, the government had approved more than 6,200 applications for products emblazoned with the Canada 150 logo. In fact, no application had been denied.

I’m proud of our country and look forward to watching Canada Day fireworks this weekend, but I haven’t actually bought any Canada 150 merchandise. There’s so much on offer I haven’t been able to decide what to get.

Choosing what to do in Canada’s 150th year will also be tricky.

As part of the celebrations, Canada is going all out. In total, the government is spending $500 million to mark the occasion. Of that, $80 million is for coast-to-coast “signature initiatives” including a cross-country canoe race and 37 other projects. One-hundred million is being put toward more community-driven or local events. As part of the fun, Parks Canada is even offering free admission to national parks and historic sites this year.

So how will you celebrate Canada this year? Is there a particular event you’re really excited about? What sorts of merchandise have you bought for the occasion?


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