Quick Guide to the Canadian Tire Ship to Home Policy

Quick Guide to the Canadian Tire Ship to Home Policy

Canadian Tire home delivery is finally here! We can probably all agree this was long overdue, but now that Canadian Tire ships orders, we figured it might be a good idea to take a closer look at their shipping policy.

It's been almost 20 years since Canadian Tire first opened their online store and close to a decade since they last offered home delivery – so this change is a pretty big deal.

Basically, you can now shop online like you would on any other website. Just add products to your cart, choose the "Ship to Home" option at checkout and wait for your order!

You can read their entire Ship to Home policy online, but we figured we'd break down the key points, including how much Canadian Tire delivery costs and all the shipping options you can choose.

What is the Canadian Tire delivery fee?

First things first, you need to know how much this costs. Unfortunately, there is NO Canadian Tire free shipping option – at least, there isn't one yet, anyway. Their current shipping and handling fees vary and are based on your order size, weight, delivery type and shipping address. In general, their prices start at $4.99 and increase with add-on services like assembly and installation.

What are their delivery options?

Canadian Tire now offers three main delivery options: Basic Delivery, Room of Choice and Packaging Removal. You can select which one you'd like when you check out, but here's how they work:

1. Basic Delivery

Basic Delivery is just that – the simplest of their shipping options. Canadian Tire will try to delivery larger items as close to your house as possible (or to the concierge or reception area if you're shipping something to an apartment or office building). You can include some delivery instructions (like porch or backyard delivery) at checkout.

2. Room of Choice

If you're ordering larger items (things like furniture or major appliances), you can opt for Room of Choice delivery, where your items will be delivered to the room of your choice.

3. Room of Choice & Packaging Removal

This option gives you all the perks that come with Room of Choice delivery, plus the delivery team will remove all packaging from your item(s) and clear it off-site. It doesn't include assembly or installation, but you may be able to purchase those services at checkout.

Which items qualify for Canadian Tire delivery?

When you shop online at Canadian Tire, make sure you look for the Ship to Home icon on a product page. To make sure they'll ship that item to your address, click where it says "See Delivery Options." Some things are only available in stores or via in-store pickup, and handling restrictions mean they can't ship hazardous goods and materials that could freeze in cold weather.

Where does Canadian Tire ship?

Canadian Tire shipping is available across most of the country, but there are a few restrictions. It's still not available in select markets, but they're looking to expand their service later this year. Large items are only available for delivery within 100 km of a store, and they're not able to ship across provincial borders. At this time, they won't ship orders outside of Canada, either.

What is the return policy for delivered items?

If you buy something online (whether you have it delivered or you pick it up in-store), you can return it to any Canadian Tire store within 90 days of purchase. Anything you return needs to be in its original packaging (and in original condition) and must be accompanied by the receipt – so make sure you hang on to yours! Keep this in mind if you choose the Packaging Removal delivery option, since you won't be able to return anything that's been unwrapped.

If you can't return your item(s) to a store, call their customer support line at 1-866-746-7287, and Canadian Tire will schedule a pickup time at your home, free of charge. Just know that original delivery fees won't be refunded if you choose to return anything.


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