Canadian Deals: "Deal A Day" Great Offers!

Canadian Deals: "Deal A Day" Great Offers!

There are a number of Canadian stores which offer great deals each and every day. These "Deal A Day" products are usually heavily discounted for one day only, and you have to make your purchase there and then. Sometimes, the offer may only last for a few hours in the morning, as the keen customers will have bought them all in no time!

Here are some of the Canadian sites which offer daily deals:

Dell Canada does a variety of deals each day – the main one is their “Red hot deal of the day.” The offers range from computer items to home electronics. Dell Canada are really excellent as they do free shipping, with no minimum spend. Deals in the past range from offers on laptops to plasma TVs! There’s up to 5% cashback @

Sears Canada

Sears Canada have a daily deals section as well. They mainly focus on clothing and footwear deals. There are also some good bargains for kids items and toys too. Their deals sometimes sell out quite early in the mornings, so get in there fast. Remember you can possibly get 2% free cashback from Also, make sure you check the Sears coupons posted on BargainMoose, as there’s a chance you can save a few more bucks.

The Source By Circuit City

(Click image on left of their site)

Every day, The Source does a daily deal, called their “Circuit Breaker Sale.” As you probably know, it’s mostly electronics sales. In the past, items have ranged from computer speakers to discounts on GPS units. Instead of these deals being updated in the morning, The Source update their page about midnight the night before, depending on which time zone you are in – if you’re up late and want to check out the deal! Additionally, you can get free shipping to your local store. You can also get free DealGuild cashback from The Source.

Home Depot Canada has a daily deal called the “Hammer Drop,” so called because of the auction conations. The Hammer Drop deals vary wildly, to say the least! Some days they sell bird baths, baskets, just a random assortment of unpredictable items! There is 2.45% free cashbackfrom Dealguild Canada for purchases from Home Depot. – Canada’s Online Pharmacy

Every day, choose one of their health and beauty products to be on special offer. Usually the item is discounted by 12-15%. also offer free shipping with no minimum spend, so that’s great too. Products that have been on offer in the past ranged from toothpaste to medical kits!! The chosen product is updated every morning. While you’re on the page, check out their weekly and monthly deals too, as there are sometimes very good bargains.

Tiger Direct Canada

(Click image of daily deal on right when you get there)

The daily deals on Tiger Direct are always electronics based. They usually update about midday. They’ve had great deals on everything from PlayStation 3s to battery chargers! On the weekend it’s slightly different though. On a Friday, their deal extends over to the Monday. You could even use Dealguild for 1.95% free cashback.

NewEgg Canada

(Click banner at top for the daily deal)

The daily deals on New Egg Canada are always bargains for your computer or electronics for your home. Some days they offer free shipping too. I think it depends on what they are selling, but it tells you about free shipping on their product page. You can get a little bit of cashback from Dealguild Canada.

The Shopping Channel

The daily deals from The Shopping Channel Canada are usually on beauty or jewelry items for the ladies. They call it their “showstopper” and you can see it on the banner in the middle of their home page. If you want to, you can sign up to daily email alerts to tell you about the ShowStopper every day. There is 1.95% Dealguild cashback from The Shopping Channel.

BookCloseOuts Canada

(Scroll down the page a bit to see it)

Every day, has 2 books on special offer. These titles are really heavily discounted – as I write this, one book has been reduced by 74%! Don’t forget a possible 7.5% free cashback! Prices are shown in US dollars, but these guys ship from within Canada. Check out some previous blog posts on Bargainmoose for coupon codes.

O’Connor Florist Canada


Every day, O’Connor Florist choose one particular item to be discounted. This one might be a good idea to keep an eye on for Mother’s Day, to get your mom a lovely bunch of flowers! They charge a flat rate of $12.95 for shipping, so remember to take that into account when ordering.


Infonec Computers Canada

(Click the deal towards top right of their site – one day special)

The daily deals at Infonec are usually computer components. Deals may be on memory, motherboards, modems or monitors!! If you haven’t heard of Infonec, they are an Ontario based computer store which ship Canada-wide.

PCVonline Canada

(See “Today’s specials” towards top right)

For PCV Online Canadian Shipping starts at only $5.99, and depends on how much you spend. PCVOnline are also an Ontario based electronics and computer retailer. Their daily deals might be on anything from wireless dongles to graphics cards!

SIG Electronics

As the name suggests, SIG is an electronics store. They do “daily killer” deals every day! The daily deals could be blu-ray movies, gadgets, TVs, camcorders… loads of items! SIG are based in Ontario too, but also ship across Canada. $9.99 is their flat-rate shipping charge.



Shipping costs can be annoying though. When the daily deal is only a few dollars, it sometimes doesn’t make sense to pay a lot extra for the shipping fees. It might be worth browsing round the site and see if there’s anything else you want to add to your order. I love the sites that do free Canadian shipping!


Here’s what I recommend: bookmark all these Canadian deal sites in a folder in your internet browser. Then every day, you can have a quick glance at each deal and see if it is something you are interested in buying.


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