Can I get my siblings a joint baby gift?

Can I get my siblings a joint baby gift?

I now have several nieces and nephews and they are all under age three. One is 6 months, another is 14 months. There’s a two-year-old and one turning three. There’s also another addition on the way. Several have summer birthdays and I’ve been wracking my brains for what sort of a gift to buy each one.

Then the thought occurred to me: can I get them a joint birthday gift?

When I think of the gifts my kids have loved most, one particular item comes to mind—our backyard bouncy castle. They used it all summer when they were little and could entertain themselves on it for hours. It was the best purchase I’d ever made. Now they are too big for the bouncy castle, and it’s not a great hand-me-down. After so many years of use, it has tiny holes in it from all the wear and tear.

But it might be great to buy one for my nieces and nephews.

There are a few problems with my plan. My siblings don’t have the storage space for all my baby books, never mind big ticket items, like all the bikes and cars I have in my garage from when my kids were little. It’s also rather pricey for a gift, even if I buy it online and on sale.

Since nobody has room for their own bouncy castle, and since this would be an expensive gift, would it be ok if I got my nieces and nephews a castle to share? They could keep it at my parents’ house, which has a garage perfect for storage and a backyard that’s perfect for playing.

I wouldn’t want my siblings to think I’m cheap or impersonal. I was hoping they might find my gesture thoughtful, instead. Still, it feels a little wrong.

Can I get my siblings’ kids a joint birthday gift under these circumstances? What do you think?


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  • GreatOcean

    As a mother of three kids, I would love to just receive one big gift that would actually be used instead of 3 gifts that they play with for 5 min and end up in a garage sale. For Christmas one year, I got my nephew and neice a family membership to the local museum. And upon opening it they weren't as excited but they did enjoy going there almost every weekend. 

    • dilbert1977

      I'd love to know when this site became a blog to tell others personal stories and ask questions like this? How about the writers stick to posting links to sales and bargains and refrain from trying to be a mommy and me blog.

      • ZinkFollowers

        It will be two years this September.

        • dilbert1977

          I beg to differ, there used to be the odd post but now so many, maybe put them under their own tab

          • KaylaS

            It seems to be the last several months, definitely not 2 years, as it seems to solely one person posting non-deal articles now, except for the occasional make-up hack posts I have not seen in awhile. I'm not sure if staff even read the responses any longer, or ever reply anymore, so not much point even commenting often times.

      • HeatherR

        yes, I think it is perfectly fine for you to do this:)

        • Sjado

          Give them experiences.... take them to the zoo, the park, swimming, etc. Or a sleepover at Aunty's. At this age they wont remember, and lets face it, they probably don't need another toy.

          • Sjado

            And apparently I missed the bouncy castle part! Yes - that's a great idea!