Top Paw Patrol Toys @

Top Paw Patrol Toys @

So... Chase, Ryder, Marshall, Rubble, Skye, Zuma, Rocky and Everest have all been hanging out at Target USA (ever since Target left Canada.) The good news is that we still have access to bringing them over the border by buying online, and you'll save $20 CAD onyour order of $100 CAD or more, by using promo code CANADASHIP during checkout.

All import fees are paid during checkout (unless you opt for them not to be.) Make sure to select Canada Post for shipping and that will be the lowest cost option with no fees to pay when your order arrives.

As a shipping example, my Paw Patrol order of $100.86 in CAD is charged as follows, for a final total of $148.37 CAD.

Here are some really cool Paw Patrol toys that I've not yet spotted in Canada. that your kids will love. Some are exclusive to Target. All prices below are in CAD.

Shipping will be clearly shown during checkout and will vary, according to cost of how much your order is. All import fees are paid in advance when you select the option for Canada Post shipping.


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  • pmvdk

    Metallic Series and All-Star Pups are both available at Toys R Us Canada for about the same $ Canadian.

    • Michael K.

      Bargainmoose...your destination for everything Paw Patrol

      • KaylaS

        Haha! Very true ;) Some of these items are definitely unique and new to me, which is surprising. I just hate the hefty shipping and duty fees spent on cross border shopping. Paw Patrol Ryder's Pup Pad is actually also available @ Chapters for $19.95 regular price but recently I also saw it go on sale there for around $16 and right now use code: 15FALL to receive 15% off regular priced items. As well, the large activity ALL PAWS ON DECK PLAYLAND I actually found on Walmart recently when searching ball pits for my son. It was on sale or clearance for only $44! It is currently OUT OF STOCK but I've seen it become available and back in stock already once or twice now.

        • KaylaS

          All paws on deck playland was back in stock at for just under $45 last I checked. I just received the PawPatrol pup pad from Chapters Indigo as I got a large package of toys and just had to give my kids something so gave them the pup pad to check that it functions properly. I also wanted to keep the other paw patrol items received as Christmas gift surprises. My kids adore the VERY LOUD (as reviewed on Chapters Indigo, although that parent missed the other major issues) pup pad device, but I certainly feel duped. The description describes lights, sounds and a sliding screen, when in fact it doesn't have any of those features, except the 15+ (17) loud sounds - but none of the so called lights or sliding screen. This is completely false advertising and just a big clunky box that should absolutely be expected to have those other basic features to accompany the sounds for the regular $20 price point. Very disappointed and I'd return it if my kids didn't like it so much.

          • Eryn

            Thanks for that review! Yikes, didn't know it was so loud. Our trick has always been to tape a few cotton pads to the speaker with a good Canadian trick - Duct tape!! Totally mutes the sound. 

            • KaylaS

              Yeah, that would be an even better idea but I'm afraid my 16 month old son might destroy that fix. Instead, we just taped a few layers of electrician's tape. I'm sure duct, gorilla or other heavy duty tape would work well too. It probably mutes it by about 30-40%, so still somewhat loud, but atleast a bit better. Now, if only there were lights and a sliding feature like it promised... I may try to call Chapters and see if they'll do anything for me. I don't have the heart to take it away from the kids to return it.