BeaverTails Opening in Toronto!?

BeaverTails Opening in Toronto!?

Once in a while I vacation to Tobermory or Wasaga Beach, and I have to say that my favourite thing about travelling within Canada has to be the BeaverTails booths you find. Last year I enjoyed one of these delicious desserts at the Halifax Harbour in Nova Scotia. I am excited to tell you that these treats may become more attainable in the near future. I may need to watch for sales on bigger clothing sizes, because I won't be able to keep my hands off these. It appears that there is officially a BeaverTails Waterfront store opening in Toronto on March 19th! Will there be more to follow?

You may be interested in reading this Huffington Post articleabout why Beaver Tails are so good if you've never tried one yourself, but I think the photo alone will tell you what you've been missing.

The first permanent BeaverTails location that is open year round will be at 145 Queens Quay West, Toronto. Right on the waterfront! The store will be open for the Grand Opening on March 19th from 12 - 3 PM and I hope to see some of you there.

You may be overwhelmed by all of the topping choices at first, but I have tried several and they are all delicious if you have that certain sweet tooth. They are pretty big too, so if you are good at sharing then you can split your treat with a friend. Let's get one thing straight though - I am not sharing.

What do you think, Moosers? Will there be more permanent BeaverTails stores to follow? Are you excited?


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  • Judy L.

    Mmmm...I must try it:grinning: