Are you back-to-school ready?

Are you back-to-school ready?

My favourite part about the end of August was back-to-school shopping. My mom and I would go to a store like Staples or Walmart and I’d stock up on everything I’d need to start the school year off right: a new box of pens, notepads, pencil crayons, an agenda and computer paper. Our cart would fill up quickly and so would my little heart. Yes, I was a nerd and I loved school.

Now that I have kids, this time of year has remained my favourite. And not just because my kids will be out of my hair and occupied all day. I love the prospect of a new beginning. I love the routine. The familiar faces. Seeing how much they learn and grow academically and socially.

I also still love shopping for school supplies. Yet it seems my kids need more than just pens and pencils. Over the years, I’ve discovered they need a few more essentials. In case you’re wondering what extras I buy, here’s what’s on my back-to-school shopping list:

A new backpack - By the end of the school year and after a summer at camp, my kids desperately need a new backpack by the time September rolls around. I always look for one with thick, comfortable straps, sturdy zippers and lots of pockets.

New lunch bags and containers - I never seem to have enough Tupperware. Lids go missing, clips break or the entire container disappears. I always buy reusable containers and I also look for ones that don’t leak. There’s nothing worse than having your child come home with a bag full of soggy papers.

Water bottle - A water bottle that doesn’t leak is also key. I’ve tried plastic, foldable and metal, but I’ve yet to find one that doesn’t leak or isn’t too heavy when full. I’m always on the hunt for a good product.

New shoes - My kids seem to grow during the summer and are in need of shoes by September. I buy indoor and outdoor shoes because they always need two pairs for school.

Have you done all your back-to-school shopping? Do you end up needing as much as you buy in preparation for a new school year?


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