8 Kids That Are Really Nailing It for International Napping Day!

8 Kids That Are Really Nailing It for International Napping Day!

So we've changed the clocks back, and now I bet we are all cruisin' for a nap. Losing that hour of sleep has hit me hard, and you may be experiencing the same thing. That is why today is International Napping Day. Don't you wish that we could just sleep anywhere like the kids do? To perk us up on this Monday night, I have compiled a little image list of 8 kids that really do take International Napping Day to heart. One of them is mine! If I leave my kiddo anywhere for too long, he falls asleep. That includes places like his high chair, park swings, on top of the dog and more.

Here are 8 kids that have nailed it for International Napping Day this year:

Well, I guess as long as they are safe. How would this even happen? I bet if I ran myself a tub right now, I would end up in pretty much the same predicament.

Who said anything about laying down to sleep? Some kids just don't slow down enough to even squeak a nap in. This child was almost one of them!

Yep... I wish I could crawl under the bed and nap too. I totally would, if I fit. This little one has the right idea for sure.

I wish my kiddo fell asleep while I was shopping. It sure would save a whole lot of begging and tantrums over Hot Wheels cars. He already has hundreds of them!

This was basically me at the dinner table tonight. Seriously though, this STILL happens to my three year old. Anyone else?

This kiddo decided that today's nap time needed to be "Superman Style". I would need to see a chiropractor if I spent any amount of time sleeping like that.

There's one way to wait for Santa! Give me some wine and I would probably pass out in the same position.

Last but not least, this is my kiddo! He was about a year and a half here, but he is notorious for falling asleep in the most awkward and uncomfortable positions. The main feature image is also my kiddo when he was a newborn. Gosh, taking pics of him back then was so easy compared to now.

Moosers, does your kiddo sleep in any odd places?


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