8 Cheap Pool Noodle Hacks Adults Will Love

8 Cheap Pool Noodle Hacks Adults Will Love

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Pool noodles, sometimes also called water noodles, are a piece of large foam available in a multitude of colours. They are so much fun to use in the pool as they float, bend and are easy to climb on top of for any age. These long pieces of foam can be found cheaply, anywhere from $1-$3 a piece at places like the dollar store or Canadian Tire. These foam toys are fun for the pool, but you can also use this inexpensive foam as the base for a whole bunch of other things. Check out the list below for some of the innovative uses I have found for these colourful pool noodles.

Pool Noodle Floating Cooler

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You know the struggle, you are in the pool and your beer runs out. There is no need to get out of the pool to grab an ice-cold beer or coke. Instead, create this awesome floating cooler with pool noodles for your next party. You can check out the full DIY instructions over at Instructables. Not only does this make your drinks accessible, but also it should help keep those drinks icy cool. You can always throw in a little ice to ensure your drinks are at optimum temperature.

Faux Stone Column

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Wait, what? A faux stone column generally starts at several hundred dollars, and the prices only go up! Check out this amazing tutorial at EPBOT where they crafted a faux column using cardboard, pool noodles and some scrap wood. If you are handy with some tools and spray paint, this is an awesome hack. I like the plant urn they placed on top of this column to finish the look.

Pool Noodle Luminaries

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Here is a sweet little idea to give your backyard an oasis feeling. Make these Pool Noodle Luminaries to use in your backyard all summer thanks to the instructions from Create Craft Love. This is a great way to line a walk or light up a table for those fun summer evenings. You can even float these little lights in the pool, how cool!

Pool Noodle Wreath

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Over at Tattered & Inked, they created a cute vintage inspired wreath using a pool noodle as the form. I have not priced a wreath form lately, but the cheapest one I found on Amazon Canada is $6.99 plus the shipping is a minimum of $25. Instead, tape together a pool noodle to your desired size, and add faux flowers, yarn or fabric for a simple and easy wreath.

Camping Porta Potty

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Are there any camping enthusiasts ready to take on summer camping trips? You may have been to a campsite or two where the only place to relieve yourself was a bush. Take minimalistic camping up a notch and make this comfortable camping porta potty from Puget Sound Preppers. This was originally made for camping at the beach, but this portable potty could be taken anywhere.

Boot Saver

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I thought I had a solution figured out for my boots. I had slid a water bottle into each boot and it was doing a great job of keeping them upright and helping to keep their shape. The problem now is I need my water bottles for summer. In the winter, I can get away only using one water bottle but in the summer, I end up rotating my water bottles more. Check out this ingenious solution from My Baby Didn’t Read My Resume using a pool noodle to help boots keep their form. Keep your boots in good condition for only a few bucks. This is on my list for my next trip to the dollar store to make!

Pool Noodle Water Exercises

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Pool noodles can be fun in the pool, but did you know you could use pool noodle to get fit? Over at Victoria Lavender In Sunny Tuscan, there is a list of 16 different exercises you can try in the pool to get fit. Use these movements to tone, build your aerobic endurance or simply improve your balance.

Hang Laundry Without Creases

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I hate ironing or doing more laundry than I have to. Here is the perfect hack for those pants or shirts that always seem to wrinkle no matter how you store them. Carefully place pieces of a pool noodle over a hanger just as they did at Family Home & Life, and your pants and shirts will be crease free. I could see this helping to save the ironing step if you hang clothes on these modified hangers straight from the hot dryer. There are also a few other hacks for pool noodles at this site.

Bargainmoosers, what have you made out of pool noodles?

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