6 Frugalicious Fall Leaf Crafts!

6 Frugalicious Fall Leaf Crafts!

Fall has arrived, and with it, there are many leaves scattering the sidewalks and parks. This is the perfect time for the little ones to get their hands dirty and get down to some art and craft projects utilising the very same leaves that are covering the ground. Here are six ideas for frugal fall crafts which you can make with leaves!

  1. Leaf Rubbings!

This is an old favourite, but one that never fails to entertain the kids, year after year. It’s so simple, and most of us will definitely have the supplies in the home. All you need is paper, crayons and some leaves of course. Pro tip: When it’s young kids you’re working with, tape the leaves to the back of the page, to stop the page moving about. It will give the kids a clearer rubbing.

  1. Fall Leaf Wreath!

This one might be a little more difficult for small hands, but I am sure they would love to give it a try – it’s a leaf wreath. You can stick some leaves on a pre-shaped wreath, use a wire circle, or use a cardboard cut-out for this. Here’s one tutorial on Thecraftycrow, but there are many others around the web. Use your imagination and see what you can come up with.

  1. Negative Space Leaf Paintings!

What you need – paper and paints. Instead of just a regular painting, stick some leaves on a page and paint AROUND them. At the end, remove the leaves for a negative space painting, which can be quite striking. And the kids will love their handiwork. It’s easy and fun!

  1. Fall Hedgehog!

There’s a tutorial for this one here on Krokotak, it’s very simple – a fall leaf hedgehog. Just draw the outline of the hedgehog on some card, use some glue and dried leaves to make the shape. Nice work!

  1. Leaf Mask!

Here’s a great one with some pressed maple leaves – the full tutorial is here. You need: leaves, glue, card, crayons, and scissors. I am sure you can work it out yourself, it’s quite simple – but the above image looks very striking.

  1. Leaf Lanterns!

These are very beautiful indeed – you can use some basic jars or pretty mason jars for this craft. Here’s a tutorial. You’ll also need pressed leaves, Mod Podge and a brush. Again, it’s a simple craft – just use the glue and brush to stick the leaves to the inside of a clean jar. You can then use them as mini-lanterns.

Do you do any other fall crafts that you’d like to share with the Bargainmoosers?


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