7 Frugal Date Nights

7 Frugal Date Nights

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With Christmas coming, many of us are cutting the expenses and saving for gifts. This might mean cutting out all dinners out and other assorted date nights. But, we can't neglect our spouse at this special time of year, because that will only make both partners even more stressed. I've come up with seven fun but frugal date nights you could try instead of the usual $100 night plus babysitter cost.


Host a themed movie night. Watching a movie in usually means one partner snoozing with the other partner spilling popcorn and anger. But, keep yourself awake by planning everything around the movie and keeping in a theme. For example, The Dating Divas have come up with 18 movie date night ideas and my most favourite is to watch The Bucket List and then make your own together. I love planning the future with my husband and writing things down so they have to come to life. This idea fosters communication, plus you get to watch a good movie too.


Have a living room picnic date. Switch things up by spreading out a lovely homemade or store-bought picnic on the floor. As you can see from Delightful Diction's photo above, the scene looks very nice even with just KFC and Coor's Light. You don't need gourmet to have a good time. That should be my new catchphrase.


Go for a walk and chat. It really can be that simple. Even if it is cold out, bundle up and walk your neighbourhood or a neighbourhood in your city that you've never walked in and discover something new - about each other and about your city. Your kids won't be there to interrupt you every five minutes and you'll be alone to actually connect. Photo Credit: Tamakisono


Bake together. You can choose something totally easy or something complicated so you have to work together. What's best about this date night idea is that you can feed each other your just desserts once you are done. This recipe from How Sweet It Is for S'mores Ice Cream Cake fits the bill perfectly in my mind.


Read together. I don't mean hold one book and read it over the other's shoulder. Read something sexy or informative to each other. Take turns and make it entertaining. If your marriage needs a pickup or you need a tweak on your parenting, you could also read from parenting or marriage books while one takes notes, then talk about what you learned and how you can implement it in your relationship. It isn't the most sexy date, but it could bring something good to what you have already. Photo Credit: Eszter Hargittai


Go geocaching. Geocaching is the next huge thing. Fun, free and you can do it whenever you want, it makes the perfect date night. Pixie Dust Savings fills you in on the ins and outs of geocaching.


Bargain Babe has some really great ideas for frugal date nights and my favourite is to go thrift store hunting. Like Macklemore, head to the thrift shop and pop some tags. You can challenge each other to find five great items for the other.

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Bargainmoosers, what are you favourite frugal date nights? Let me know in the comments below.


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