7 Fantastic DIY Wedding Favour Ideas

7 Fantastic DIY Wedding Favour Ideas

We are in the thick of wedding season and if yours is coming up soon, I bet there is one last detail you may have forgotten: the wedding favours. You may be thinking your bank account is already down to pennies, especially after those shoes and purse you had to have. If you have quite a few guests, those favours, even if they cost only a dollar, will add up quickly. I like the DIY option better anyway because it gives your guests something personal, which you and/or your spouse have created. You can also get family and the wedding party in on getting these made. Imagine: you and all your girls, you serve the wine and you put them to work. On the other hand, imagine him with his groomsmen, drinking beer and doing the favours while you hit the spa. I'd say either option is a win-win.

If you love to bake, or you like to eat cookies (either one works), let your guests know, with these cookies in a jar (above), ready for your guests to bake themselves. Bakerella even has downloadable labels you can use and a recipe, but you can also make your own and have your own favourite cookie recipe inside instead. Match your wedding theme with the fabric, labels and ingredients.

If you love gardening and growing things instead, these favours (above) are amazingly easy and cost almost nothing! Get some cuttings from your own garden, plant them in cans you've been saving for this very project and cover them with scrapbook paper, which is the only thing that will cost you. Great idea Hazel Bloom!

I actually made this idea for a wedding many years ago. When there is a bounty of fruit or peppers or any other produce you can use to make jam, make the jam, throw it in jars and add a label. It sounds more simple than it is, because making a hundred or more jars of jam can be tedious, but like I said, enlist others and you can do it in a few hours, assembly-line style. Bride.ca showcased this wedding, who gave out tequila pepper jelly (above), which sounds divine.

I love, love, love, these charitable donation favours (above). If you are philanthropic, have a charity near and dear to your heart or believe that not everyone wants some measly token of your appreciation, you could donate money in your guest's name, then create these fabulous favours to thank them. Corrina Wraps shows you how to dress this up to make it look nice, while the donation really is just nice.

These salt dough ornaments (above) are a cinch to make, very inexpensive and you can personalize them so everyone gets something unique. It is a perfect way for your guests to remember the loveliness that was your wedding day and you can get the instructions on how to make them from Intimate Weddings.

With another ornamental favour idea, this one is also practical. If your favourite pastime is imbibing, let your guests partake it with you. These easy-to-make and inexpensive coasters are made from cork, with easily downloadable sayings, which you could personalize. As a maid of honour at my best friend's wedding years ago, the groom had a myriad of sayings he liked to use, which I incorporated into my speech. This would have been a perfect favour for them, especially since a lot of his sayings were about drinking. This is a fantastic idea thanks to The Pretty Blog.

At first I didn't see how these could be wedding favours (above), but then I had an idea. These are envelopes made from old books and I think they are very unique, especially if the bride and/or groom is a reader. Inside you could put heartfelt letters to your guest, and when I say that I mean one written directly to each guest, telling them why they mean so much to you. Knowing you took the time to write directly to that guest lets them feel special and not just one of 100 or 200 guests. Ginger Lilly Tea shows you how to craft the envelope.

Bargainmoosers, do you have an upcoming wedding? What favours did you decide on?

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