7 DIY Ideas For Storing Jewellery

7 DIY Ideas For Storing Jewellery

7 DIY Ideas For Storing Jewellery2

This past weekend, I cleaned out my jewellery box and was actually amazed at the amount of jewellery I have and the pieces I have, because I can't usually find it under the heap it is in. I've decided I want a way to store my jewellery where I have easy access and can see what I have to pick the best piece for the outfit. Of course, I turned to Pinterest for this one, and thought I'd compile my findings for you.


Using drawer pulls, this very unique jewellery holder is just the ticket. Whether you have the extra drawer pulls or you spend a few dollars on them at Home Depot, this idea is easy and inexpensive. Mr. Kate shows you how.


Again with drawer pulls, but this time with a found piece of driftwood, this piece from Visibly Movedis definitely rustic glam. This is a very handy way to hang necklaces and bracelets and the cost will be incredibly minimal, especially if you pick up the vintage looking drawer pulls at a thrift store.


Using wood again, this time in the form of branches, you can make this jewellery holder as large or as small as you'd like depending on your branches. What a perfect way to display your pieces and add a nature feel to your room. I got this idea from The Wallflower.

_DSC4771 copy

Old frames serve a new purpose here, with simple screws or nails to hold your jewellery while the frame displays it nicely. Todd & Lindsey took the extra step to wrap the frames for a little extra oomph.


Recycle glass bottles in a pretty way, by wrapping them with your best bracelets! You could frame them in a crate like the photo above, or just stand them on your dresser. I also saw one idea where the person has sprayed the bottles to add colour. I got this grand idea from Homedit.

suitcase renovation 026

How amazing is this suitcase turned jewellery display case? Honey Girl Studio did it with a vintage suitcase and retrofitted the case with pegs and cork board to display all of her jewellery. I think it is amazing!!


Use an old (or new) cutlery holder to organize your jewellery into sections. This makes total sense and would cost like next to nothing. If you want instructions on how to fancy it up, check out Homemade by Jen.

Bargainmoosers, do you have any lovely ideas for storing jewellery in the DIY way?


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