7 DIY Advent Calendars

7 DIY Advent Calendars

6453013017_c153600177_zWith the countdown to Christmas now on, you might be thinking you need an advent calendar. You don't have to buy one of those cheap chocolate ones or one of those expensive toy ones. You can make your own!


This ornament calendar is an absolutely amazing and touching idea. So simple: just fill clear ornaments with a message, a good deed, a coupon or whatever you'd like to be open each day, plus something ornamental so it looks nice. Small size and nest posted this idea on their blog, which you may need to translate with Google translate.


This very simple envelope calendar is as inexpensive as buying envelopes. Label each with the day, stick to a board or even on the wall and fill with whatever you'd like. A Few Things From My Life filled it with crayons, chocolates, hair elastics and more.


Using a frame and little tins, View From the Fridge made this very cute and reusable advent calendar. Again, you can put whatever you like inside it.


Advent calendars don't always have to have gifts in them. They can just be used to mark the days gone past in anticipation of the big one. I found this tea light advent calendar project on Book Hou Craft Projects, where you turn on the light marking the day until all the lights are turned on. Cute!


Vegie Smugglers posted this very cute idea of an advent calendar using paper bags. You can use whimsical ones like the ones above, or plain ones will do too. I love that this idea gives you more room to work within what you put in them.


This little robot advent calendar is probably a ton of work, but seriously how amazingly cute is it? Next to Nicx gives you all of the instructions on how to make it.


A very cheap way to do an advent calendar, this toilet paper Christmas tree was a great idea. Coffee with us has the very simple instructions.

Bargainmoosers, what advent calendar ideas did you come up with?

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