The Pre-Order Price Guarantee @ Amazon Canada

The Pre-Order Price Guarantee @ Amazon Canada

Hey shoppers, do you know about their pre-order price guarantee??

If you like to secure you're copy of an upcoming and much-anticipated book, CD, video, DVD, video game, or software before it's officially released (aka pre-order), you may run the risk of over-paying. Luckily, Amazon has you covered!

Prices sometimes change between the time an item is listed for sale and the time it is actually released or shipped. Most likely the advantage will be in your favour with prices going up, but if it's not and the price actually drops, will credit you for the difference.

The Pre-Order Price Gaurantee only applies to books, CDs, videos, DVDs, video games, or software sold by, and not to items (or prices) offered by other sellers on their site.

The Pre-Order Price Guarantee @ Amazon Canada

So, if your order enters the shipping process before the release date and the price is lowered on the release date, will automatically refund your credit card for the difference within 48 hours of the release date. Otherwise, the order summary in Your Account will reflect the lowest price within 24 hours of the price change.

What I love most about this guarantee is that it is automatic, you don't have to track the prices yourself or do any follow-up! used to offer price protection on all items sold and shipped directly through them, where if the priced dropped within 7 days of delivery, they would credit you the difference. Unfortunately this ended back in 2016.


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  • Anna W.
    I've used it in the past, hard to remember to do so though!
    • Kristy R.
      This is awesome, I did not realize Amazon has this policy!
      • Chelsyna
        I actually make use of this policy on a regular basis. You can also use their customer service e-mail menu options to make the request, if you don't feel like talking to a rep. Love Amazon!
        • Sarah
          I just spoke to Amazon about a price drop on an item I had ordered and the customer service rep I spoke to said the price protection is valid 7 days from date of order, not 7 days from the delivery date
          • Chelsyna
            That customer service rep was incorrect. I would suggest either calling again to get a different person or doing it online via their Customer Service "contact us" e-mail form (which is the way I usually do it). I just got a refund issued, and here is the direct quote from their e-mail: "Since the price of the item has changed within seven days of the delivery of the order, I've issued a refund for the price difference in the amount of...".
          • Ramona
            Good to know! Thanks Bargain Moose!
            • Avigayil M.
              Glad to help!
            • Mei
              I tried to look for this info last week when the next day it dropped. It's now increased in price so I guess I can't get it! :(
              • Avigayil M.
                They do not exactly advertise it, it is not in their financial best interests to do so. Tis why i wanted to remind our Moosers about it!
              • S
                I've also had great experience requesting price adjustments through the chat service
                • Amanda
                  I had no idea about this, and I shop at Amazon all the time. Thank you!
                  • Danny
                    Just want to clarify, the item must be "order fulfillment” by Amazon, then yes. Item shipped by third party seller is not covered by any price protection.
                    • Avigayil M.
                      This is very true!
                    • Remington
                      Can anyone find the fine print for this rule on their site? I'd like to have it as backup just in case the rep decides to go rogue.
                      • Avigayil M.
                        Good luck finding it on their website ;)
                      • Cappellis
                        Thank you so much for posting about this, I had no idea Amazon offered this. I purchased a Monster Bluetooth speaker as a gift and 6 days after delivery the price dropped from $79.99 + taxes to $50.99 + taxes. I contacted customer service by email through the app and within 30 minutes the customer service rep had wrote back and confirmed I would be getting a refund for the difference. So pleased with the outcome, thanks again for posting this article!
                        • Avigayil M.
                          Wonderful! That is nearly $30 back... woo!
                        • Saron
                          I've done this too. Their customer service via chat is awesome. They often adjust my price past the 7-day mark - Maybe because I buy so much stuff from them & don't bug them too much?
                          • les_n

                            As of May 2016, has ended their Price Guarantee Policy, except for on TVs. So don't bother trying! I received an order less than 48 hr after I placed the order (great, speedy delivery service with Prime!), but it was a no go for the Price Guarantee even with that short time frame when the price dropped by $20!