6 Imaginative DIY Drawer Ideas

6 Imaginative DIY Drawer Ideas


If you ask anyone that has kids what the one thing you need in your home is, I bet they would say storage.  I know I would.  There are tons of stores that sell great products for storage but it can get quite pricey.  I have a bunch of old dresser drawers in the garage so I decided to look online at some ideas on how to change them into something for storage and I found some great ideas. Not only are these ideas practically free because I already have the drawers, they will get junk out of my garage as well!

1. Jewelry Holder


I found this idea from Living Home and just fell in love with it.  Add some extra knobs onto a drawer and make it into a hanging jewelry holder. This is so simple to do and is practically free.

2. Ottoman


Now this idea is a bit different because it is not storage.  It will save you a lot of money though.  Add some batting and some paint and some fabric and you will have an inexpensive ottoman for your living room.  The instructions can be found at Beyond The Picket Fence.

3. Shadow Box Storage


I would have never though to hang the drawers on my wall and use them as shadow boxes!  This would work best if you had a few of them.  You can either paint them or add wallpaper to freshen up the look like they did on This Old House.

4. Toy Chest


This idea from Home Talk is pretty cute for any child's bedroom. Just add some legs to a large drawer and you have an instant toy chest!  They can store stuffed animals, figurines, Lego and many more items.  It looks great and keeps the toys off the floor.

5. Plant Stand


This is such a cute idea from My Love 2 Createfor some outside storage. The directions on how to do it are posted on the blog for you to follow.

6.Rolling Storage


What a fabulous idea to just add some wheels to your drawers and use them for storage under beds.  You could put toys, books, clothing, bedding and anything you want in them. I found this idea at The Pink Porch.

What have you done with your old dresser drawers Moosers?

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