6 Ideas to Upcycle Shoe Boxes

6 Ideas to Upcycle Shoe Boxes


I’ve got a four year old daughter who is growing like wildfire and accordingly, getting through a LOT of pairs of shoes. As a result, we seem to have an extremely large number of empty shoe boxes hidden in the dark and damp corners of our garage. I was browsing pinterest and I saw an idea for making a shoe box in to an organizer, so I started googling for more awesome ideas to upcycle shoe boxes. Here are seven ideas for you:

1. DIY Shoe Box Organizer

1. organizer

Here at UsefulDIY.com, you can see a quick tutorial about how to upcycle that old shoe box into a nifty organizer, for storing your various bits and bobs. As shown in the piccie, you could use it for stationery, or maybe even for the kids to compartmentalise and store various toys; Lego, dolls, bricks, etc.

2. Funky Storage

2. coloured-organizers

Ok, this idea isn’t much of a stretch to be honest, but it still looks fantastic. Cover the old shoe boxes in fancy and colourful fabrics, and just use the shoe boxes for storage. The range of varied patterns and vibrant colours look super and really brighten up a storage area. There’s a tutorial here on Youtube if you need some help with it.

3. Jewellery Hanger

3. Jewellry

Cover a shoe box lid in canvas (or any fabric you want), pop in some push-pins, hang it on the wall – for a cheap and cheerful jewellery hanger. Find the tutorial here on Homeawaitsus.

4. Wall Art


Cover your shoe boxes in vibrant wallpaper samples or even fabric, and mount them up on the wall in various positions, as illustrated in the image above. It gives an inexpensive and colourful focal point for a bare wall. This DIY task doesn’t have to be done with just shoe box lids, you could use cereal boxes, any cardboard items you have available. The different sized boxes would give extra depth and contouring for a stunning finish. Read a bit more here on Crafts & Coffee.

5. Drawer Dividers


Cut to size, you can use empty shoe boxes as handy drawer dividers. Why spend a fortune on the ready-made ones from Ikea? Just get out your scissors and snip away (found here on apartmenttherapy).

6. Ribbon Dispenser


If you are in the habit of using ribbon for present-wrapping, crafting, and any other activity, you’ll know how awkward it can be when you have a big box filled with tangled spools of random ribbon. You could use an old shoe box and turn it into a handy dispenser. While it’s not the exact tutorial pictured above, there’s a tutorial for a similar style here on Crabtree-creations.

Please let us know if you try any of these out – we’d like to hear about your results in the comments below. Have you upcycled your shoe boxes into anything fantastic?


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