5 Fun and Frugal Ways To Reuse Cardboard Boxes

5 Fun and Frugal Ways To Reuse Cardboard Boxes

Moving season is fast approaching as people rush to get into new houses for the summer. After you've moved and unpacked, you have tons of boxes sitting around, waiting to be recycled. Instead of recycling, you can actually reuse them! Check out these brilliant ideas for fun and frugal ways to reuse a cardboard box.

This one will make your kids love you! What kid doesn't want to slide down the stairs at some point? My kids have used a variety of things to propel themselves down the stairs at some time or another. How about letting them do it? The Contemplative Creative (above) is to blame for this great idea.

Another great idea for kids, how about building a train set or town inside of a cardboard box? Like they say, give a kid a new toy, he'd rather play with the box, well this is a toy and a box all in one. The Imagination Tree (above) put a lot of work into making this a realistic and exciting cardboard box project.

Apartment Therapy (above) made this DIY ball maze out of cardboard. This is great not just for kids, but could be a great game at a family reunion or stag and doe.

Instead of spending a ton of money on expensive storage baskets, why not make your own? Using a cardboard box and burlap with hot glue, By Stephanie Lynn (above) made this cute burlap storage basket.

My husband has made a ton of great things for the kids from large cardboard boxes, like a rocket ship, a playhouse and a six-room castle (I'm not even kidding). This cardboard airplane definitely takes the cake. Check out Onto Baby's (above) cardboard box birthday party for more inspiration!

Do you have any great cardboard inspirations? Would you consider a very fun and totally cheap cardboard box birthday party?


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