5 Free Ways To Play In The Rain

5 Free Ways To Play In The Rain


With our melting snow comes puddles and rain. And with those ever increasing temperatures comes the desire to be outside, even if it is wet. I laugh at how we always comment what a nice day it is when the sun is shining but the temperature is above 0. It really is time to get outside! But, what can you do outside that is fun on a rainy day?


Make some dirt soup. It sounds gross, but it is a great sensory experience! When was the last time you really got your hands and feet dirty? I recently participated in a mud race and had to swim through a pool of mud and it actually felt amazingly good. This isn't just for kids, but your kids will love it too! Thanks for the idea Kids Activity Blog.


How about painting in the rain? You'll get quite a different effect on your work of art than you would inside the dry house. Try it!  Housing A Forest has a few different rain painting ideas.


Lovably Mehad the fantastic idea of sailing paper boats down your driveway. What kid or adult wouldn't have fun building a paper boat, then racing it in a puddle? Too cool.


Why not measure the rain? Every season brings teachable moments and rain can be one of them. Rainy Day Mum (totally fitting name) has the instructions on building a rain catcher.


How about some mud surfing? I know my boys and my husband would love this idea (I wouldn't) because they all love a little bit of risk! Let The Children Play definitely has the right idea.

Photo credit: Amanda Slater

Bargainmoosers, what do you like to do in the rain?


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