Top 10 Advent Calendars For Kids

Top 10 Advent Calendars For Kids

One of the most fun things about Christmas is choosing a fun Advent calendar that the kids love. Years ago the only Advent calendars available were the ones with the little waxy squares of chocolate and they were fun at first but as soon as my kids realized they didn't care for the taste of them, opening up a new one daily wasn't as much fun since they went into the garbage. We're not picky chocolate eaters (is there even such a thing?) but this so-called chocolate is pretty bad.

For this Christmas season, the Advent calendars vary from Play-Doh to LEGO to Barbie and TMNT. With such a wide selection, each child can have their own special calendar and ultimately make a different scenic toy display by the time Christmas Day has come around.

The Advent Calendars that we've noticed springing up are sold at various retailers such as, Chapter's Indigo, Hudson's Bay, Sears, Toys R Us and Walmart.

  • I love the idea of one that you can fill with your own surprises! Look at how cute this Advent Calendaris with the hanging bags for treats and surprises looks. It's only $11.94 on clearance at Sears. It looks as though it were hand sewn.

  • So many kids love Star Wars and this LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendaris geared for kids ages 6 - 14. Really though, anyone would love it. It's selling for $49.95 @ Chapters Indigo.

  • You can make new family traditions with this beautiful Christmas Street Wooden Cabinet Advent Calendar. Isn't it gorgeous!? It's available for $69.99 at Hudson's Bay. What would you put inside? I would think this would have to go up high so the kids can't peek inside, or, just fill it each day you're ready to open it.

Walmart has several LEGO calendars available. Each of these three are $39.86.

  • Here's a bustling LEGO City in the form of an Advent Calendar! Enjoy some marshmallows over an open fire while Santa makes his way in on a train.

  • You can always go back to your home town in other rendition of LEGO City. The kids playing hockey is a nice Canadian touch.

  • Toys R Us has some unique calendars I've not seen elsewhere. Check out this Go! Go! Smart Wheels Advent Calendar for $26.99. This is one of the least expensive but most fun one for the really young crowd!

  • Barbies are always fun and this Barbie Advent Calendar is artfully designed. It will appeal to younger ages as well as tweens. It's $36.99 at Toys R Us.

Do you use an Advent calendar for your kids? If you put your own treats and surprises inside, feel free to share your ideas with us in the comments below.


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