9 Questions Your Kids Will Ask That You'll Have No Idea How to Answer

9 Questions Your Kids Will Ask That You'll Have No Idea How to Answer

Little kids have sponges for brains, relentlessly soaking up knowledge, and it's our job as parents to somehow keep flooding those inquisitive minds with answers to everything under the sun. And here's the thing, parents have sponges for brains too! Problem is ours have been put through the wringer one too many times.

Here are nine questions your kids are going to ask you one day that you will have no idea how to answer.

1. Why?
This is a trick question! There is no answer to why. Oh you may know the answer to Why? number one, maybe even number two and three, but by Why? number 7,465 you are not going to know the answer and you'll be asking a question of your own, WHY ME?

2. Where is my marble?
Really? A marble? Amidst the house full of toys and books they need this marble and you are not going to know where the marble is—ever. But I'll tell you this much, they're going to keep asking for that marble until you've lost a few marbles of your own.

3. Are we there yet?
The easy answer would be, NO, we are not there. Proceed with caution! This seemingly honest answer will most definitely lead to another, "Why?"

4. What are you doing in there?
We all know what you are doing in there but heed this warning, do not say pooping! In the eyes of your child pooping is both an unacceptable reason to lock them out of the room and an ideal opportunity to loudly inform the entire neighbourhood about what's up with you right now.

5. Who is that guy?
They will ask this very loudly, right in front of that guy, while pointing and possibly laughing. You will not know who that guy is.

6. Why is the sky blue?
What am I a scientist? I suppose some of you are in fact scientists. If you are one such sky-scientist please post the answer to this question on Google immediately. Clueless parents everywhere will thank you.

7. Can you help me with my math homework?
I can feel the trickle of sweat running down my spine at the mere thought of this one.

8. Is Santa Claus real?
Do you continue on with this tiny white lie or do you shatter the bond of trust that your sweet baby has never questioned until right now? The struggle is real.

9. How are babies made?
Oh, get ready for it parents because this question is coming. And, "the stork" is no longer an acceptable answer. Good luck!

I know I'm not alone on this one. What questions have your kids stumped you with lately?


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  • Sonya V.

    My 3.5 year old asked me what a cemetery is.

    • Bargainmoose

      That's a big word for a 3.5 year old! Smart cookie... did you have an answer at the ready?

      • Sonya V.

        Bargainmoose We were passing a cemetery and he asked me what the sign said. Then he asked me what the word "cemetery" meant. I was not ready. I told him it was like a big park with lots of stones in it!

        • Bargainmoose

          Very truthful and well handled! You can always fill in those other details later... :)

        • Heather H.

          Why can't you have another baby?

          "Daddys broken because he had a surgery for no more babies and it takes a mommy and daddy to have a baby"


          We'll talk about it in a couple years. ....I am so not ready for this! :joy:

          • Bargainmoose

            There's that WHY!! LOL. The WHY will get you every time.

          • Natasha R.

            The sky is blue because:

            "Blue light is scattered in all directions by the tiny molecules of air in Earth's atmosphere. Blue is scattered more than other colors because it travels as shorter, smaller waves. This is why we see a blue sky most of the time." -NASA

            Yay Google!

            • Bargainmoose

              Yay Google indeed! How'd parents ever survive without it?