Zellers Canada: Free $10 Gift Cards (Spend $25)

This great deal starts on the 6th of June @ Zellers Canada! If you spend $25 on specific brands in-store, you will be rewarded with a free $10 gift card!! You must either pick up the mail-in rebate forms in store, or the information will be available online, from the 6th.

$25 would be so easy to spend! For example, if you are a mom to a young baby, it would be mega-easy to drop $25 on Pampers products! Even if you don’t have a kid, it would be easy to stock up on some household cleaning products, a ton of Tide, or a swampload of Swiffer! Or how about $25 worth of Pringles – you’d be prepared for any party!

Applicable products include Tide, Downy, Cheer, Swiffer, Pringles, Crest, Oral-B, ClearBlue, Olay, Venus, Gilette, Iams, Natural Instincts, Pampers and many more! Most of those are proctor and gamble brands, so it must be some sort of promo in conjunction with them.

Once the order form goes live on their website, I’ll try and update this post.

UPDATE: Official Zellers mail in rebate for will be on this Zellers web page.

*Offer valid on purchases dated between June 6 - June 30, 2009. Offer limited to Canadian residents only. Limit one request per person, family, address, group, or organization. Offer expires June 30, 2009. Multiple receipts will not be accepted. Submissions must be received by July 14, 2009 or we will not respond to your request. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.


  • Keri
    I am definitely heading to Zellers tomorrow - thanks for sharing.
  • Anna
    You're welcome Keri!
  • QT
    Anna can you help me what to do if I haven't yet recieved $10 Zellers gift card, after spending $25 scheme. I always keep a photocopy whenever I am mailing. So I do have a copy of my reciept showing spending of more than $25on the said products.
  • Anna
    Did you send it in with the completed pdf QT?
  • QT
    Yes, Anna. I was waiting if I get the cheque by now. But now the time limit of 4-6 weeks is almost passed!!!
  • Anna
    Hi QT. I think you should maybe contact Zellers about it: http://www.hbc.com/contactus/contact-us.asp?langid=en&src=zellers They even have another similar promo running right now.
  • QT
    Thankx Anna

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