You Need To Know This Costco Secret Shopping Tip

Costco Secret Shopping Tip

As you know, Eryn and I have been doing weekly Costco shopping trips to tell you all about their unadvertised sales. Here and there I had been spotting an asterisk on price signs, and I had no idea what it meant. It turns out, the asterisk is actually a secret shopping tip that you need to know.

So when you are shopping at Costco Canada next, keep an eye out for price tags that have the asterisk on the top, right hand corner like pictured above. If you see that, it means the deal is on clearance, and stock won't be returning once it is sold out. This only happens when they are trying to clear stock out, and more often than not, it will mean you are getting a stellar price. It also means the item will not be restocked. While there isn't an original price slashed on the tag, you can ask the cashier for the regular cost when you are checking out

I've seen the asterisk on everything from movies to patio sets, and I can say that it does almost always mean that the deal is the best you will find. Have you ever spotted the asterisk? Keep your eyes peeled in the future and let us know what you find!

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  • kritafo

    there is already a Costcowest fan blog or is this a new one?

    • CuteSavings

      Hi kritafo!

      We are not a Costco fan blog - we post al sorts of deals and tips. This is just one of the many advantages for Costco shoppers, and we had to share it!

  • Hazlitt1

    how do I find out about the unadvertised Costco deals?

  • Joe71

    The asterisk doesn't always mean it clearance.  It's pending delete.  It still may be available at another location.  Sometimes the sales suck at one store but thrive at another.  Make sure you check it that it is at another store and check the price.  Some stores will actually have a cheaper price if they are one of the stores deleting that item... And yes,  I work for costco 

  • Linda W.

    It the price ends with a 7 it is on sale

  • Ren

    Thank you all for your tips... Always helps a newcomer like me to understand how this all works ... Bgmoose team doing an awsome job..

    • CuteSavings

      Thanks for your lovely comment!! We love to help, that's for sure. :)

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