Weekly Grocery Coupon Roundup

1 April 2013

Are you ready for another week of great printable coupons to save you a few extra bucks at the grocery store? This week's coupons include discounts on household products, food and snacks, beverages, vitamins, organic food, pet treats, and more!

Safeway Canada Coupons

  • $1 Off Mazola Vegetable Oil (Exp 12th April 2013)
  • $1 Off Eating Right Brown Rice Crisps (Exp 31st December 2013)
  • $0.50 Off Dr. Oetker Pudding Supreme (Exp 23rd May 2013)

Save On Foods Canada Coupons

  • Get 500 Bonus Reward Points with Prescription Fill (Exp 12th April 2013)
  • $1 Off Dare Bear Claws (Exp 2nd April 2013)
  • Tazo Herbal Tea is Buy One, Get One Free (Exp 2nd April 2013)
  • $1 Off Crystal Light Drink Crystals (Exp 2nd April 2013)
  • Campbell's Stock is Buy One, Get One Free (Exp 4th April 2013)
  • $5 Off Dry Dog Food (Exp 25th April 2013)
  • $4 Off Dry Cat Food (Exp 25th April 2013)

Metro Canada Coupon

  • $1 Off Selection Berry Medley Oatmeal Bites (Exp 3rd April 2013)

 Centrum Canada Coupon

  • $2 Off Any Centrum Product (Exp 31st December 2013)

Clorox Canada Coupon

  • $2 Off Glad Odour Guard Bags With Febreze Freshness (Exp 31st October 2013)

Petcetera Canada Coupons

  • Get a Free Bag of Cat Treats With Science Hill Dry Cat Food Purchase (Exp 2nd April 2013)
  • Get a Free Bag of Dog Treats With Science Hill Dry Dog Food Purchase (Exp 2nd April 2013)

Whole Foods Market Canada Coupons

  • $1 Off Any Two Almond Breeze Almond Coconut Non-Dairy Beverages (Exp 30th April 2013)
  • $1 Off Any Rudi's Organic Bakery Product (Exp 30th April 2013)
  • $1 Off Any One Amande Creamy Cultured Almond Yogurt (Exp 30th April 2013)
  • $1 Off Any One 750 mL Karthein's Organic Product (Exp 30th April 2013)

Please note that some of these coupons expire in the next few days, so you may want to head out to do your grocery shopping sooner, rather than later! For more up-to-date Canadian coupons, take a peek at our Coupon Forum.

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