Superstore Coupons: Various Freebies With $250 Spends!


Just a quick post about one of the latest Superstore coupons. If you spend $250 or more on your groceries in-store, they will reward you with various free items, depending on what province you live in.

Now, if you have a big family, spending $250 or more in one shop probably isn't very hard to do. Think of all the cheerios for the kids, all the bacon for your hubbie or all the shampoo for your wife… !!

As I only live with my partner, my grocery shopping rarely gets to that level. However occasionally, I do decide to stock up on all the non-perishable things in order to take advantage of coupons like this one. I buy a lot of shampoo (!), conditioner, rice, pasta, canned goods, meat for the freezer,etc. It's not as hard to spend $250 as you might think!

What do you think?

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